ITsOneWhat difference does AirPod Max Wired make? Apple Inc. created these AirPods Max over-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones. The launch date for this item is December 15, 2020. Along with the entry-level AirPods and the mid-range AirPods Pro, AirPods Max is Apple’s most expensive model in the AirPods line-up. For example, when you wish to use the in-flight entertainment system, you may need to use your AirPods Max in wired mode.

How Can You Use Airpod Max Wired?

The Airpods Max does not come with this lightning to 3.5mm connection; one must purchase it separately. You can use a lightning to 3.5mm audio connection for Airpods Max wired. Connect the cable’s lightning end to the AirPods Max’s lightning port and the 3.5mm audio jack to the source audio port.

The over-ear design with more prominent speakers, the addition of Apple’s Digital Crown (found on the Apple Watch), additional color options, and longer battery life are the key differences between the AirPods Max and the mid-range AirPods Pro.

Airpod Max Wired vs. Airpod Max Not Wired

You can use the Airpods Max in wired mode, but we need to know whether it sounds better wired or wireless or in Bluetooth mode. Generally, Airpods Max sounds better when wired. That is one of the reasons why almost all high-end headphones are wired headphones. Wireless technology must still develop to deliver the same audio quality as a wired connection. Regarding Bluetooth mode, the data is transmitted to Airpods Max using the AAC codec, a lossy data format. A reduced quality is the outcome of any transmission data loss. To be clear, using your AirPods Max in Bluetooth mode will produce fantastic music quality for the user. 

Pros and Cons of Airpod Max Wired

  1. Even though most users will find that AirPods Max sounds great when linked wirelessly, there are times when a cable connection comes in helpful. As an illustration, consider connecting to an airplane’s in-flight entertainment system.
  2. Wired connections have far less interference and noise than Bluetooth connections on any headphones.
  3. With increasing distance between your Airpods Max and the source device (phone, iPad, computer), the Bluetooth audio quality degrades.
  4. The normal AirPods are not the best because they are infamous for leaking sound if they need the right fit for traveling on silent flights.
  5. However, thanks to Apple’s Headphone Accommodations function, which allows you to adjust audio signals to better suit your unique hearing profile, many people steadfastly prefer using their Airpods Max in wireless mode. The listening experience has greatly improved as a result.

Example: To accommodate your hearing demands, the headphone Accommodations feature scans your hearing profile, enhances soft sounds, and modifies specific frequencies.

Although each person perceives and processes sound differently, the general effect is that everything sounds better as the audio is adjusted to your ear. Airpods Max does not support lossless audio. Even though a lossless analog signal can pass through the Airpods Max’s wired mode. 

Can AirPods Max Support Lossless Audio?

Simple: “No.” Airpods Max does not support lossless audio. Although a lossless analog signal is taken into the 3.5 mm connector when using the Airpods Max in the wired mode, it is changed into a digital signal at the other end. In other words, because an Analog Digital Converter (ADC) located between the ends of the cable converted the signal, it is no longer lossless.

Despite Apple’s introduction of the lossless audio format, only the HomePod series of Apple products presently support lossless audio. On the other hand, the Airpods Max’s wired mode offers an audio experience that comes near to being lossless. As a result, with Airpods Max in wireless or Bluetooth mode, the lossless mode is inoperative.

How to Make AirPods Max Sound Better?

Using a wired connection is one way to improve the sound quality of AirPods Max. You can also improve the audio quality of your AirPods Max by disabling the noise cancellation and transparency modes, which have a noticeable impact. Finally, switching from Spotify to Apple Music for song listening will improve the audio quality.

Apple Music’s features

Apple Music uses a less lossy AAC codec than Spotify’s mp3 format, which results in a notable quality difference. You can connect two Airpods Max to an iPhone using two adapters or cables in a series. Since no lightning-to-lightning cable is available, you must use two cables, which is not easy.

  • It costs about $35 for lightning to 3.5 mm audio cable (1.2 meters)
  • It costs about $9 for lightning to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter

You can connect your iPhone to your AirPods Max by connecting these two cables in series. Since all iPhones made after the iPhone 7 do not have a 3.5mm headphone jack, this is the only way to connect to them. However, the battery consumption is much higher when connecting in this manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has the AirPods Max a microphone?

Yes, the microphone on the Airpods Max is passably decent. The Airpods Max has three different microphones for voice recognition. Its microphone cannot be compared to specialized recording microphones, but it still outperforms most other headphone and microphone sets in its price range. This Airpods Max mic has no voice chat or audio lag when used in wired mode, which is essential for gaming.

Airpod Max Wired – How Does it Work?
Airpod Max Wired

Can You Use AirPods Max to Talk on the Phone?

Using the microphones built into AirPods Max, you can conduct phone calls. When connected to your phone, you can make and take calls using your AirPods Max.

Do AirPods Max Wirelessly Charge?

For the Airpods Max, Apple has not offered a wireless charging option. You have to charge the AirPods Max  using a lightning cable. Since the more recent Airpods and AirPods Pro can be wirelessly charged, this is a significant drawback for Airpods Max.

Airpod Max Wired – How Does it Work?
Airpod Max Wired


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