Raycon earbuds are getting considerably popular since they sponsor a ton of content across the web. You would have come across at least one advertisement about them. Are raycon earbuds waterproof? Are they actually good as they seem to be? Or is it all just a pop culture hype-up?

(Since the owner is Ray J and the website is endorsed by all the big pop culture icons like Cardi B, Drake, etc.) 

These questions keep rising, desperately waiting for an honest explanation. 

We will discuss everything you wish about the hyped earbuds, raycon, in detail. 

 Are they worthy of quality, waterproof ability, range of protection and more things you wish to know about. 

Dive into the disclosure and stick to the end. (You wouldn’t want to miss out on anything) 

Are Raycon Earbuds Good? 

Raycon earbuds indeed have great marketing. 

But in reality, is it worth using? 

Figure out the answer as you dig in below. 

Raycon earbuds are decent in all aspects. There are no notable drawbacks to the earbuds. 

To start off, they are aesthetically pleasing and come in compelling colors. (Which is the first thing people notice) 

They are also super comfortable and can go for hours without causing the slightest discomfort. Given their small size and fitting capability, it is no wonder. 

(they could literally fit in anyone’s ears as they have silicone chips and wings to support the settlement) 

Apart from it, they also possess extensive battery life (differ from one model to another, though). And they have a magnetic closure, making them convenient to handle. 

The sound quality is great, and a good listening experience is almost a pre-promised aspect. They also have noise-cancellation properties. 

Raycon earbuds are considered the next biggest wave in wireless audio technology. And that answers your question about your further questions.

Are Raycon Earbuds Waterproof? 

Waterproof earbuds have significant popularity and importance among people (I mean, who would not want to listen to a banging song or podcast during a swimming session or in the shower) 

Talking about raycon earbuds, they are rather water-resistant earbuds. 

This means they are not 100% waterproof but somewhat resistant to water. 

The E25 everyday raycon earbuds are rated IPX4 and resistant to water and sweat. The E85 workout earbuds are also actively resistant to water and sweat, with a similar rating (IPX4). 

The E55s are rated IPX6, which means they provide extra protection against water and sweat compared to E25 and E85. 

Can I Use Raycon Earbuds in the Shower? 

Raycon earbuds are not entirely waterproof. 

Therefore it is not suitable to use them in the shower. 

Water-resistant earbuds come with an operating range.

They can only resist water upto some extent. 

If you get in the pool with them, they will be dead. But how about a drizzle? Or a splash of water? 

In that case, the earbuds will be fine since they are rated IPX 4 and on. 

You can wear the earbuds when working out, going for a run and any other activities that demand sweat. These earbuds are sweat resistant. 

However, you cannot wear them in contact with water in extensive amounts. (For example, on a rainy day or in the shower) 

Not only can the water from the shower but other products you use while showering also damages the earbuds’ life. 

Hence, it is best to avoid using raycon earbuds in the shower as they are designed to not cope under such extreme water exposure. 

What do I do When Raycon Earbuds are Wet? 

Since the earbuds are resistant to sweat and water, they are expected to get wet slightly.

This will cause no issues in the device. Once you are done with your activity, wipe the earbuds thoroughly and place them clean in the box. (How else can you make sure they stay durable and perform well?) 

It can be an issue if the earbuds are wet more than they should be. Exceeding the operating limit of the earbuds is never a good idea.

It can put the device on its deathbed. 

What do you do if your raycon earbuds are highly wet? Wet than it is supposed to be? 

In such circumstances, cut off the Bluetooth connection before doing anything else. 

Grab a micro fibre towel and pat the earbuds dry.

(Microfibre towels absorb watery particles more efficiently than any other fabric) 

Blow the tiny areas in the earbuds to get the hiding droplets off them. Check the nozzles for any water. Use a small cotton and pat it and suck all the remaining water. 

Let the earbuds sit and dry for some time and check for performance.

If it works, you go lucky. (Much water hasn’t penetrated the device in this case) 

If it does not work, water might have damaged the internal components. In this case, you may need to replace a new pair of earbuds. 

This happens only when you subject the earbuds to damp conditions that exceed the operating range of the buds. As long as you stay within the prescribed range, there should be no problems to worry about. 

Does Raycon Earbuds Leak Sound? 

Raycon earbuds have excellent sound quality, not any less than any of the other earbuds on the market. 

But it is common for earbuds to leak sounds. What is the stance of raycon earbuds in this context? 

Raycon earbuds hardly leak sounds. If they do leak, it is due to improper earbud management. 

Ensure to listen within the safe hearing ranges and minimize keeping the buds at high volumes.

By doing so, you should be able to cut off the possibility of sound leakage in the earbuds.

Thus, raycon earbuds aren’t known for sound leakages. However, sound leakages are possible. 


The raycon earbuds are designed to be resistant to water and sweat. They can withstand a certain amount of liquid and provide protection. However, they cannot resist the water to its fullest since they are not 100% waterproof. 

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