Can a smartphone be used as Projector? Is using the smartphone as a projector now possible? You’ve probably heard that your smartphone can project images on the wall, unlike a traditional projector. You might even wonder if using your phone as a projector is possible. The answer is yes! But first, let’s explore what makes up this “projector technology” and how you can turn your phone into a mini screen.

Can a smartphone be used as Projector?

Of course, you can use your smartphone as a projector. But only some smartphones can do this. There are specified hardware components in mobiles to use this as a projector. Some smartphones are designed for Projector. Moto Z Force Droid, Lenovo Smart Cast, Samsung Galaxy Beam 2, and Blackview Max 1 are some devices built-in with a projector option.


Pros and Cons of smartphones with a projector feature.




You can get two at the price of one. This means it is cheaper than other smartphones.

You can use the same device for both a smartphone and a projector. This means there are like 2 in one action.

It is also easy to carry

can project things on the phone without any cables or attachments.


The size of a smartphone is minuscule. Therefore, it is unable to use significant Projector hardware components in it.

They are limited to projecting smaller images.

A smaller audience would benefit from them (1 or 2 people).

The smaller lens would not produce a quality image, so you cannot use it for presentations. As a result, the text will become hazy and become invisible from a distance.

Position the phone close to the wall or the projector screen.



With the right apps, you can use your smartphone as a projector

You can use your smartphone as a projector with the right apps. Some are free, and others are paid. Here’s how:

  • Airplay and Google Cast allow you to mirror your smartphone’s screen to a TV or monitor. You’ll need an AppleTV (or Chromecast) device for this feature to work!
  • Some apps allow you to connect your smartphone directly to another computer or laptop, giving it access to Wi-Fi so you can use it like any other peripheral device before launching apps like Skype or Netflix on the big screen.

How to use any smartphone simply as a projector?

Needed things:

  • One box (To lessen light diffusion, the ideal color is black.),
  • one magnifying glass,
  • one paper clip,
  • one Stanley knife,
  • Duct tape,
  • a smartphone


  1. Create a paperclip stand for your smartphone by drilling a hole in the box and placing the magnifying glass on it. That is, almost. You’ll need to rotate your smartphone’s screen because light enters a lens upside-down.
  2. On an iPhone, go to Settings > Accessibility > Rotate Screen to rotate the screen. Users of Android devices can download the apps Screen Rotation Control or Ultimate Rotation Control.
  3. Then position your smartphone in the box, adjust the Projector on your smartphone until you find an excellent focal point, close the box, turn the lights down, and its movie time!!

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