All iPhones give you the option to hide many photos in our gallery. But can you have multiple hidden albums on your iPhone? Read on to find out!

How can you hide and unhide albums on your iPhone?

Hiding photos on your iPhone is pretty simple. Just open photos>tap the more button>select Hide>confirm that you want to Hide.

Can You Have Multiple Hidden Albums on iPhone?

When you hide photos, they automatically move to a hidden album in the folder. Once you have hidden your photos, they will no longer be visible in your gallery or albums.

In iOS 14, you can completely hide the album by turning off the Hidden Album. In iOS 16, the hidden album is locked by default.

To unhide your photos scroll down in the Albums tab>tap Hidden under Utilities>Unlock the hidden album using Face ID or Touch ID>select the photos or videos you want to unhide>tap the More button>select Unhide.

To turn off the Hidden Album, Go to Settings>tap photos>turn off Hidden Album.

Once you have turned off the Hidden Albums, the photos will not be visible in the photos app. But the Hidden Album will be visible by default.

So Can You Have Multiple Hidden Albums on iPhone?

Can You Have Multiple Hidden Albums on iPhone?
No, you can’t. There is only one Hidden Album on iPhone, and you have the option to put all the photos you want to hide there.

In most Android phones, there is the option to Hide or Unhide entire albums, so you can have multiple hidden albums at once. But unfortunately, this is not the case with iPhones.
However, there is a way you can store multiple hidden folders in your iPhone. That is by downloading a third-party app called Jailbreak iOS with a tweak called AlbumHider. This will enable you to completely hide all necessary albums, including ‘Recents,’’ Favorites’ and ‘WhatsApp’ albums.

In conclusion

Can you have Can You Have Multiple Hidden Albums on iPhone?it? No, you can’t. iOS only allows you to hide photos in a Hidden Folder, and there is no option to hide entire albums or folders in your gallery. However, there are certain third-party apps that will enable you to effectively hide multiple albums on your iPhone.

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