Over the past ten years, tragus piercings have become more common among piercing enthusiasts. Whether a beginner or seasoned piercing user wears the tragus piercing, it adds a subtle touch of refinement to the ear. But piercings may also be very sensitive, especially while they’re healing. In light of this, it’s critical to comprehend the safety tips of tragus piercing care to prevent inflammation or infection. The safety of using earphones with tragus piercings could be a concern for certain earbud users. Can you wear earbuds with a tragus piercing? This guide will discuss the measures to take when using earbuds with a tragus piercing, along with helpful hints on how to care for your piercing correctly.

Read more about some of the most frequent reasons for infection while wearing earphones with a tragus piercing.

Users tend to utilize earphones anytime they are jogging or roaming around. The usage of earphones with a tragus piercing is debatable, though. Patience is essential if you wish to resume your musical and amusement activities after getting your tragus pierced since it is pretty delicate. And you do not wish it to become infected. However, after you’ve recovered, we have further information that will be helpful to you. So let’s look at can you wear earbuds with a tragus piercing.

Can You Wear Earbuds with a Tragus Piercing? – All You Need to Know

Earbuds can get used with tragus piercings. It doesn’t get advised to start this practice just after getting a piercing. For can you wear earbuds with a tragus piercing, users get advised to wait for at least 48 to 72 hrs after getting a fresh tragus piercing before utilizing any earphone equipment. In addition, users must refrain from using headphones if they frequently irritate their tragus piercing.

Allow Healing

This step is the most important to use earphones with a tragus piercing smoothly. Before intending to use their earphones, individuals should wait several days for their incisions to recover to reduce the danger of infection or swelling.

Clean Earbuds

It would be best to keep your tragus piercing safe and free from infection when using one earbud. Most often, dirt and dust that enters your piercing via your earphones is the leading cause of infection. You must therefore clean your earphones at least monthly to ensure that they remain clear of any germs that might go into your piercing via them. Before donning earphones, wait a minimum of 4 weeks.

Tragus piercings need time for healing. If you recently have ear perforations, you must wait a minimum of 4 weeks before wearing any earphones or headsets. Because using earphones before this time may cause your piercing to get infected and incredibly unpleasant, such is the case.

Pace Usage Appropriately

Although if users find their earphones to be pleasant to use right away. They must not overuse them to avoid irritating their tragus piercing.

Ensure Proper Fit

Any earphones hanging loosely or damaged are more inclined to move about while being used, increasing the risk of discomfort or damage to the tragus piercing. It gets advised to purchase and utilize earphones that fit snugly, comfortably, and don’t readily fall out.

Light Jewelry

Consider wearing essential jewelry if you tend to use earbuds more often. Always choose lighter jewelry for your tragus perforation so that you may keep using earbuds while commuting. You must place the music-listening device conveniently to avoid discomfort or hearing obstruction.

Common Mistakes

As listed below, using earphones with a tragus piercing frequently results in infection or discomfort.

During Sleep

Earbuds get made to get used comfortably while sleeping. But, the tragus piercing may experience significant friction as you sleep. This friction, which gets made worse if individuals slumber with earphones, can seriously inflame the piercing, mainly if the incision is still relatively new.

Using Wet Earbuds 

Bacteria thrive in warmer, damp environments. Utilizing wet or humid earphones raises the possibility of infection by allowing humidity to pool around the tragus incision.

Wearing Earbuds

Earbuds users may enjoy accumulating piercings on specific body regions, with the ear becoming the most common. But, it is not advisable to wear earphones with ears with numerous piercings since they might get stuck or twisted within any of the piercings and result in significant harm.

 Sound Levels 

The same rule holds for earphones: the ear in its entirety must never get exposed to high decibel intensity. Overly loud music might annoy the ears, which may extend to the tragus piercing and lead to irritation or worse. 

Care Tips

  • A regular cleaning schedule is an essential practice that individuals may adopt for a brand-new tragus piercing. The danger of infection decreases the cleaner the incision is while it heals.
  • Since many individuals view taking a bath as a sort of cleansing, they frequently forget about their piercings. Before washing their hair, individuals must wait several days so that no wetness may build up near the open wound.

The opening of the eardrum gets covered by a thin cartilage flap known as the tragus. Its function is to prevent tiny particles, such as dirt or bugs, from entering your ear. But, due to its placement, the tragus piercing is exposed to the outside world quite a bit and needs special care during recovery.

Bottom Line

Before utilizing earbuds or any other kind of earphones with a tragus piercing, several precautionary and safety precautions must get taken. By taking these precautions, you can avoid the tragus piercing getting irritating, swollen, or, worse, infected. Consumers should also permit the aperture at the piercing to grow properly while adopting these preventive measures. It allows them to retrieve the piercing for extended periods once the incision has completely healed. Individuals must also take special precautions with the region surrounding the piercing for a minimum of eight weeks. To guarantee that they may utilize their earphones comfortably with their tragus piercings.

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