Has anyone previously struggled with a ‘computer restarts when trying to print’ problem? Due to the potential disruption to your productivity and impediment to finishing your printing chores, this may be an irritating and irritating problem. The likely reasons for this “computer restarts when trying to print” issue will be discussed in this article, along with some recovery advice.

Computer Restarts When Trying to Print. Why, As Well as Potential Answers

The phrase “computer restarts when trying to print” might mean a number of things.

1.0 Hardware Problem

Whenever attempting to print, a physical issue with the printer or pc might force the system to reboot. When trying to print, a computer may restart for a number of hardware reasons.

1.1 Defective Printer

When attempting to print, your system might need to restart if such printing itself isn’t working correctly.


Examine the machine and the printer for any apparent indications of damage.

1.2 The Cable That is Tangled or Damaged

The system might need to restart while attempting to print whereas if the printer cord is broken or loose.


Please verify that the printer’s wire is properly linked to the printer and your computer by checking that they are firmly attached.

1.3 Overheating

While attempting to print, a system may need to restart if such printer or system is overheated.


Assess the room temperature and ensure the printers and pc have adequate air to prevent overheating.

1.4 Problem with the Power Source

While attempting to print, the pc can restart in the event of a current supply issue.


To ensure proper operation, inspect the power supply.

1.5 Obsolete or Unworkable Hardware

When attempting to print, an old or incompatible piece of hardware on the laptop or printer may force a restart.


See if there have been any equipment changes or compatibility problems.

2.0 Power Problem

While attempting to print, the system reboot may occur if there is an issue with the electrical supply or the power strip. While printing, a system may restart due to a number of power problems.

2.1 Power Failure

Whenever attempting to print during a power loss, the system might have to restart.


To find out whether there have been any confirmed outages throughout the region, you can contact your regional electricity provider.

2.2 A power Spike

If you are printing, a power surge can force the system to reboot.


Assure the electricity supply is working correctly by checking it. A surge protector may also be used to shield your electronics from power spikes.

2.3 Power supply issue.

While attempting to print, a malfunctioning power source could force the system to reboot.


To ensure it is operating correctly, you may inspect the power supply. It might need to be replaced when it is not used correctly.

2.4 The Cord is Loose or Broken

While attempting to print, a weak or broken power supply could force the system to reboot.


Ensure the power cable is connected in firmly and is not broken by inspecting it. You might have to change it when it is broken.

2.5 Need More Power Connections

When attempting to reprint, a system restart may occur if such electrical outlets are obsolete or improperly grounded.


To ensure that the electrical outlets are not out-of-date or improperly balanced, you could inspect them. Having them changed or updated may be necessary if they are present.

3.0 Software Problem

While attempting to print, a malfunction with the advances in software or the printer driver may need a restart. When trying to print, a system reset may occur due to a number of software problems.

3.1 Problematic Printer Drivers

When attempting to publish, a printer software issue can need the system to reboot.


Both are reinstalling your driver, and upgrading it to the most recent version may help.

3.2 OS Problem

The machine might have to restart whenever you attempt to print when there is an issue only with OS.


Perform a full scan to see if there are any issues, and if so, try fixing them or rebuilding the os.

3.3 Incompatible Software

When attempting to print, a system restart may occur if you have a competing application present on the system.


If any program is causing issues, you can try deleting it or deactivating any background-running applications.

3.4 Problem with Compatible Hardware

While attempting to print, a hardware configuration problem can force the system to reboot.


If there have been hardware changes or compatibility problems, we can look for these and attempt to resolve them.

4.0 Malware or Viruses

When attempting to print, a machine that has been infected with malware or even a virus may restart. They have a number of ways to infect a device.

4.1 Obtaining Malicious Files

Viruses or other malicious software might infect any system when you obtain a file that is contaminated with it.


Install antiviral software. Viruses, as well as malware, may be found and eliminated from any computer when you employ an antivirus program.

4.2 Using Websites that are Compromised

When you access certain web pages, they may be infected with viruses or other malware that might harm your system.


Update your applications and OS version. Since updates frequently contain security improvements that aid in preventing infections and viruses, they ensure that virtual machines, as well as other applications, are current.

4.3 Examining Email Attachments that are Contaminated

The laptop may become infected when you accept an email attachment that contains a virus or other malicious software.


Whenever you download files, use caution. Please take caution when selecting links since they are frequently used to propagate worms and viruses. Therefore only download things from reliable sources.

4.4 Using URLs that are Malicious

It’s possible for your system to get attacked with viruses and malware by clicking links within emails or on web pages.


Avoid clicking on any shady emails. Emails with suspicious-looking attachments or those from communicators you don’t recognize shouldn’t be opened since they frequently include viruses or other malware.


So, there may be a number of possible reasons why your computer restarts every time you want to print. If the problem continues, you could get help from a technical support professional or ask the maker of your system or printer for further information. To prevent any possible information loss or disturbance to your operation, it is crucial to resolve this problem as quickly as you can.

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