When you are on a team outing and need to split the bill, it will be way too easy if you all have Venmo. Your contacts are automatically displayed in the Venmo friend list if you have allowed permission. Does venmo notify if you add a friend? This is a question you meet when you have no contact history and are going to add a new friend. 

The app was created in 2009 and was introduced in the market in 2012. First, the app was created as a way of transferring money with the two creators, Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail. Since then, Venmo has become one of the popular mobile transactions for splitting bills. Recently it was recorded that more than 83 million people are using Venmo exchanges. By using a Venmo account, you can transfer up to $60 000 per week if you are a verified user. In one transaction, you can receive a maximum of $5000. Venmo accepts bank cards issued from any bank in the US. 

Does Venmo Notify If You Add a Friend?

Venmo is in use with its never-ending popularity, especially among the young generation. The app is famous not only because of the time it saves but also for the security of transactions. You can add your bank card details without any doubts about hacking your account, as the data entered into the Venmo app are all encrypted. No third party can access your Venmo account and do an illegal transaction. 

Splitting bills in accommodations, sharing the expenses of a journey, and dividing the bill of a bar are some instances where youngsters often use this app. Does Venmo notify if you add a friend? This may be a question that you wonder if you are a new user of these mobile transactions. 

If you permit the app to use the contacts recorded in your phonebook and Facebook, you will automatically be provided with the people who use Venmo in your account’s friend list. When you add people via a link of a QR code, then also the adding will be done without notifying the account owner. But if in case you add another person out of the groups mentioned above, then the relevant person will be notified. If he/she accepts the request, you can be friends and perform dealings. 

How to Add Friends in Venmo?

As we discussed, there are 04 ways to add friends to your Venmo account. Let’s look into those ones by one. 

Searching People with Their Usernames 

For this, you should explore the three-horizontal lined button on the upper left side when you open the app. You will be provided with a menu, and you should select search people. Then you will be directed to another page. You can simply type on the search bar there with the username or name of the person. You will be displayed with the results below the search bar. Select the person you want to add as a friend. Then you will be displayed with that person’s account. Finally, you need to give add friend command. 

When you touch on it, the request will be sent and displayed as requested. If you want to cancel the request, tap on that button and select the cancel request option.

  1. QR Link Method

The first steps are the same as those of the first method. First, you should open the app and click the horizontal three-line button on the top left. Then go to search people. Right under the search bar, you will see the scan code option. Tap on it and allow permit Venmo to access the camera of your phone. Then you can scan the code of your friend. Point the camera to it and make sure the square-shaped code is placed correctly on your camera. If done correctly, the app will detect the code automatically, and the new friend will be in your friend list within seconds. 

The QR code of a Venmo account is on the My code button at the top of the app’s interface. 

  1. Allowing the App to Access the Phone Contacts

Open the app and select the menu button represented in three horizontal lines. From the list, you now have to select settings. You will be directed to a separate page, and there you should go with friends & social option. Then you could see an on/off button for phone contacts. Switch on it. Now you will be displayed and added with the people who already have a Venmo account under your Venmo friend list. 

  1. Permitting to Add Friends on the Facebook Friend List

If you have a Facebook account, the friend list of that account can be synced to your Venmo account. All the Venmo users in your FB friend list will be added to your Venmo account automatically. Let’s see how we can do it.

As in the above methods, go to the menu first. Then from the displaying list, choose settings. Again, you will be provided with a list, and you need to tap on the friends & social command. You will see a toggle button for Facebook contact. Turn it on. Select continue from the message that comes up. Then you will have to sign into your Facebook account. Now your FB friends will appear in your Venmo friend list. 

How to Remove Friends on Venmo?

This could be done within seconds! Go to the Venmo account of the person you need to remove. You will see three dots on the top right. When you touch that, you will see remove as friend command. When you tap on that, the person will be removed. 

If you are using the app, you can select the person from your list and tap on the friends sign. Then you can unfriend.

Does Venmo Notify When you Decline a Request?

Yes, an e-mail will be sent to the relevant party if his notifications are on. 


Does Venmo notify if you add a friend? If you are a maiden user of Venmo with this doubt, this article will clear all your questions. Here, you are also provided with explained methods for adding friends on Venmo. 

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