Incorporated into the iPhone 7 in 2013, AirDrop was first made available in the Macbook in 2008. It is a method of broadcasting and establishing connections between two devices using Bluetooth on your phone to transfer files between phones. You can wirelessly share various files with other nearby devices and Mac computers using AirDrop on iPhones (iOS 7, iPadOS 13, OS X 10.10, or later required). AirDrop uses WiFi and Bluetooth to transfer data; both must be turned on. Users of Apple devices can benefit from the valuable feature AirDrop, which enables you to send files, videos, audio, and more. When using AirDrop, there is one issue that needs to be clarified. What will you do if you see Failed To Save Item Airpod on your screen? Let us discuss this. 

Reasons for Failed to Save Item Airdrop

Errors, like AirDrop Failed To Save Item, can be annoying, especially if you want to save those priceless photos immediately. Do you understand why you couldn’t save the item Airdrop? You may have thought of some explanations. You can add your experience to the list of them that is provided here. Because AirDrop can send files so effectively without requiring an internet connection, iOS device users tend to favor it over other file-sharing techniques.

Failed to Save Item Airdrop
Failed to Save Item Airdrop

This is how AirDrop file transfers work. Go to your Gallery first, then select the desired image by tapping the Select button. Look for the Share button in the bottom left corner after choosing. Then decide on AirDrop from the range of choices. The recipient selection tab will appear when you tap the AirDrop button. 

  • Sometimes you encounter the error message AirDrop Failed To Save Item, even though this procedure seems normal and easy. The causes are listed below.
  • Incompatible file types can prevent AirDrop from functioning correctly. For instance, JPEG images typically transfer without any issues. On the other hand, HEIC-formatted images might not work correctly with your Apple device.
  • Failure of the device to process the received photos – The photos you receive might need to be processed properly on your device. If the camera phone were an iPhone 7 or later running iOS 11 or higher, this typically wouldn’t happen.
  • Turned-on VPNs – A VPN is typically used by many people who have reported experiencing AirDrop issues.

How Can You Fix Failed to Save Item Airdrop

Failed to Save Item Airdrop
Failed to Save Item Airdrop

There are a few remedies that you can try to fix this problem. They are,

  1. Restart the device
  2. Change the format of the files
  3. Use Quicktime
  4. Reset the network setting
  5. Share a single file at a time

Let us Fix Failed to Save Item Airdrop. 

Even though this occasionally occurs due to straightforward software errors, you should investigate the cause if it starts to happen more frequently. Try the following solutions to solve the issue.

Restart Your Phone: The Oldest Trick In The Book

We frequently use the shutdown or restart option to fix many problems. So, this is a situation like that. Whenever you experience a software issue, try restarting your device; occasionally, this is all the system needs to reboot and resume working correctly.

Convert The Files Into Compatible Formats

Airdrop needs a compatible and appropriate file format because some formats do not support this feature. If you change the image or video format, AirDrop might function normally again. This article may serve as a reference for you to learn about acceptable file formats.

  • Images: Change your photos to JPEG format because it typically causes fewer problems. The Apple App Store offers a wide variety of apps that can alter the format of a video or photo.
  • Video: If you want to share and save it, convert it from MKV to MP4 (especially if it is in MKV). Additionally, go to the video codec section and alter the format if the video you share is an exported file from the final cut.

Quicktime: Another Effective Way To Share Files

You might want to try Quicktime if you’re having trouble sending files from your desktop to your iPhone. To accomplish this, right-click the video you wish to send and select “Open with Quicktime Player.”

Click the File option when the video appears. Lower the cursor to the “Export as” menu option and choose the resolution after placing the cursor on the file. Save the file after selecting the resolution. You can quickly send the file via AirDrop after saving it. The file will be shared instantly if you right-click the saved video and choose the AirDrop option again.

Update The Operating System

Make sure to verify that the system software on your Apple device is the most recent available. Apple regularly releases new updates that address potential bugs and glitches. Go to Settings and choose General on the iPhone or iPad to check for software updates. Then choose Software Update from the menu. Similarly, to check for Mac software updates: You can view the Software Update status in the System Preferences by opening the Apple menu and selecting that option.

Reset The Network Connection

All saved WiFi passwords and Bluetooth connections will be deleted if the network settings are reset; you must add both of these again. Resetting the network settings, however, has proven to be successful in resolving AirDrop issues. By selecting the General option under Settings, you can reset the network. Next, select Reset Network Settings under the Transfer or Reset iPhone option.

Alternatives for Airdrop

A door closes, and another one opens. iCloud may be your best option if you want to transfer the files to a different device that you own. Therefore, do not criticize AirDrop’s shortcomings. You download the file from the other device and upload it to iCloud. However, this procedure necessitates an internet connection and takes time because you must first upload the file before redownloading it. Apple regrettably prohibits audio transmission via AirDrop from a Macbook to an iPhone. You’ll have to use iTunes in its place. Files can also be transferred from MacBooks to iPhones using other applications like iTransfer or AirShareUp. 

Take Home Message

This article discusses Failed to Save Item Airdrop, which has several causes and solutions. You can use several methods to solve this problem, including converting the files to a different format, clearing the network settings, sharing one file at a time, using Quicktime, and restarting the device. You are optional to stick with a single approach. So, if a technique doesn’t work, move on to the next one immediately. If nothing else works, alternative transfer methods like iCloud and iTunes may be your only options. 


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