Are you looking for a mouse for your desktop setup and trying to find the best one? The G Pro Wireless is a top-tier Bluetooth gaming mouse, while the G305 Lightspeed is much cheaper without sacrificing functionality. So, what’s the best in g305 vs g pro wireless? Let’s find out.

What Exactly is a G305?

The G305 is a device that has a robust plastic casing offered by Logitech. It attaches through a USB receiver and is powered by a solitary Battery pack. A click behind the trackpad serves as a CPI key by standard, and its almost perfect shell housing has two side switches on the left. Although it is somewhat narrower compared to some of Logitech’s significantly greater controllers and might not be comfortable for those with really huge hands, this device seems just as well-made and expensive. It performs admirably well in terms of contact delay and has an extremely short initial lift-off height. The CPI may also be changed within a wide range in exact amounts.

Regarding First Person gameplay, the G305 is a fantastic controller. It fits all sized hands and hold preferences comfortably, has excellent touch responsiveness, and has a pleasant design. Its superb detection quality and programmability extend to every 6 of its knobs. It may not be the best option for huge hands because of its tiny dimensions. It is also heavier than most gamers’ controllers now in the competition, and there are no alternatives for weight optimization outside bespoke adjustments.

What Exactly is G Pro?

The G Pro Bluetooth mouse is an outstanding best gaming controller. It has a good input delay, and the associated system allows you to modify the options. Mostly all hands with any sort of hold may use it comfortably because of its dimension and shape. Additionally, it boasts a set of shoulder controls on each side as well as a full versatile architecture, offering it a fantastic choice for right-handed or left-handed individuals.

First Person gameplay, the G Pro Bluetooth is a fantastic option. It offers good touch responsiveness whether you use it connected or remotely controlled. Even though tiny hands might have trouble with a thumb hold, normal palm proportions ought to be capable of using it without discomfort. When used remotely, it is likewise pretty soft; however, the cord might add some drag when connected.

G305 vs G Pro Wireless – Outline

The G Pro Bluetooth lives up to its reputation by offering world-class enthusiasts authenticity, quickness, and portable capacity. It’s a good controller for any heavy user, whether or not they play video games, who desire one of the best Bluetooth mice you can purchase. Many people may find this controller a touch overdone, but for others, exaggeration is precisely what they need.

The G305 reduces the cost of professional-level, truly wireless capability while maintaining a high level of excellence. For those looking for an extremely compact portable wireless controller with a high-quality detector, movement accuracy, responsiveness, and precision, the G305 is ideal.

G305 vs G Pro Wireless – Connectivity

As its title suggests, the G Pro Bluetooth is a wireless controller that uses a Bluetooth receiver to achieve extremely low delay time. It includes a rechargeable cord that, whenever hooked into a pc, converts the controller to a cable connection.

The G305 communicates to your pc via a tiny, sub-1-millisecond delay Ultrafast USB receiver.

G305 vs G Pro Wireless – Battery Life

The G Pro Wireless cell is one of the greatest portable pointer cells in the competition, offering 40 working hours for each recharge. If the LED is switched off using the application, the G Pro-life may be able to last longer than average.

The G305 has a power consumption of more than 200 hours using just one AA Battery pack.

G305 vs G Pro Wireless – Weight

With a weight of just Eighty grams, the G Pro Bluetooth is among the finest portable wireless controllers. This option appeals to individuals who desire the thinnest feasible Bluetooth mouse without compromising dimensions, functionality, or standby time.

The G305 weighs around 90 grams with the bundled single AA battery. Using a thinner AA battery pack, the controller’s overall mass may decrease by about 8 g. You may utilize a Large rechargeable battery with a AA to AAA cell adaptor to get the least dense G305 experience better (around 84 grams overall), but this will reduce the battery performance.

G305 vs G Pro Wireless – Tracking Speed

The G Pro Bluetooth is outfitted with Logitech’s 16k Hero tracker, which could be set between two hundred and sixteen thousand. Regardless of who the operator is—an expert or not—this is far beyond acceptable. With 400plus IPS movement capabilities, the G Pro Bluetooth is more than adequate for competitive gaming.

The G305’s adjustable dpi ranges from two hundred to twelve thousand dpi, making it sufficient for any individual’s demands, whether gaming-related or not. The ability to increase the dpi to twelve thousand is far adequate since most users would have a hard time operating a cursor configured at a dpi above. A competitive gaming level movement ability of more than 400 IPS is another feature of the G305.

G305 vs G Pro Wireless – Lifespan

The G Pro Bluetooth buttons have a 500,000,000 hit rating. Although this is only an estimate, you might anticipate that these buttons would endure for around twenty years till breaking out if they received an aggregate of 7,000 hits nearly every day.

The buttons on the G305 are guaranteed for 100,000,000 presses, which is significantly greater than what most consumers undertake and would serve a typical operator for 4plus years, presuming a median of 7,000 taps daily basis. Somebody who uses the mice daily for business and gaming is an individual who makes 7,000 touches nearly every day.


Compared to the G305, the G Pro Bluetooth is a superior gaming mouse. It is significantly less heavy and has superior detection capability, which is perfect for fast motions. It may be utilized unplugged and has a somewhat better design quality. The G305, in contrast, side, has a slightly smaller footprint, which is excellent if you want a finger handle. Yet, it only has one AA cell and must be replaced after use. Additionally, it only contains one pair of shoulder keys on the left instead of the G Pro’s dual sets from either edge, and it lacks Led illumination.

In summary, the choice is yours, if you have a bigger palm and use the mouse for heavy gaming, you should prefer the Logitech G pro, or you can go with the budget-friendly G305.

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