Yes, Apple Pay is secure. But are you wondering how does Apple Pay show up on the bank statement?

iPhone users are incredibly fond of the ease with which they can make payments using Apple Pay. Payments are swift and secure with Apple Pay. You just need your Face ID or Touch ID or a click from your Apple Watch.

But are all transactions carefully kept track of? Are they listed in your bank statement accordingly? How does Apple Pay transactions show in bank statements?

How Does Apple Pay Show Up On the Bank Statement?

Transactions made through Apple Pay will appear alongside other payments on our bank statements. Just as debit card purchases and credit card purchases are mentioned, Apple Pay purchases will also be listed.

Many types of payment transactions on Apple Pay will all be listed under the Apple Pay category in your bank statement. Possible transactions include purchasing an app, game or movie. You could also have paid for a renewal subscription for an Apple service. If anyone of your family members shares the same account, their transactions will appear in your bank statement too.

What and where you purchased the particular item or service will not appear on your bank statement. You will only get a date, the amount paid through Apple Pay, and a serial code.
You will always get a phone number on your bank statement that connects you to Apple’s billing department.

Suppose you want to verify where and for what you have made the purchase; you have to try matching the date with the payment amount. If you can’t seem to make the connection, then just call the number provided and ask them for more details.

You can also easily find out details by visiting Once you sign in with your Apple ID and password, then enter the amount of payment you wish to check in the search box.


How to see the Transaction History of Apple Pay?

Checking your previous transactions on Apple Pay is pretty easy.
Go to your wallet app>tap on a card to see transactions> tap on each transaction for more details.

How Does Apple Pay Show Up On Bank Statement? Summary

The transactions you have made on Apple Pay will appear in your bank statementHow Does Apple Pay Show Up On Bank Statement alongside other purchases. There will not be any specific details of what and where you purchased the items mentioned, but there will only be the amount and date of purchase. If you can’t seem to match up the purchase, then you can always check the Apple Pay payments on your iPhone, search for it in, or you can simply call up the number provided with the transactions on the bank statement and request more details.

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