Not all days are the same. We have mixed feelings about the days of the week when we get up. Sometimes we feel that the few minutes after the first alarm in the morning is precious, even after a good night’s sleep. If your alarm repeats the ringing with the intervals of default time settings, you may sometimes get annoyed and need to increase it. How to change snooze time on iPhone? If you are an Apple user, this article will solve your most wanted question regarding the everyday alarm. 

What is Snooze Time on iPhone?

A one-time alarm awakening may not be enough when you are lazy as a bear. At such times, your lifesaver is snoozing. Snoozing is the repetition of an alarm after the time settings in the manufacturing process. If you were dreaming and did not hear the first alarm, the second calling would wake you up. But this will only happen if you have not turned off the option.

We stated that in iPhones, the snoozing comes nine minutes after the initial ringing. The alarm will ring after nine minutes, and there is no more time gap you can go for. You cannot choose the snoozing time here. 

Do iPhones Automatically Snooze?

If you do not change the settings when adding the alarm, your iPhone will ring after the snoozing time. That means if you set the alarm for 6.00 A.M., you will again hear it at 6.09 A.M. There will be no delay or no early ringing. 

If you want to turn off the snoozing, you have given the option when you set the alarm time. Search for the command Snooze, and you will see an on/off button there. You simply have to swipe it and turn it off if you do not need the additional reminders. 

Why is iPhone Snooze 9 Minutes?

The tradition of alarm clocks prevailed with a wheelwork that only had the ability to snooze after 9 minutes. As the same, the manufacturers did not find a way to build up the tooth settings for 10 minutes. They came across the phase to choose the snooze time that passes 10 minutes with a few seconds or nine minutes. They have decided to collaborate with the tooth lineup for 9 minutes.  

There is no method to change this snoozing time, but you can always turn the snoozing off if you do not need a second ringing. 

How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone?

It must be clear to you now that changing the snooze time is impossible in the current iPhones, as the nine-minute snoozing time is the factory setting of the devices. But you can always follow some tricks to make changes in this snoozing time. 

  • If you are a good riser who gets out of bed with just one wake-up call from your phone, you may find no use for the snooze option. If so, you can turn the snooze off when you set the alarm the previous night. 
  • If you face trouble when hearing the first call to wake up in the morning and think that the snooze time is too long, you can follow the method of placing several alarms within the time you want to get up. 

That means if you want to get up at 6.00 A.M tomorrow and do not want it to be 6.09 A.M, first open the clock and touch on the plus sign to add a time. Move the scale and set the exact time. Then make sure you turn off the snooze. Next, save the changes. Thereafter, you can add another time. Click on the plus sign and enter 6.01 A.M. Turn off the snooze for this alarm to avoid it ringing at 6.10 A.M. Likewise, you can add a sequence of alarms with the desired time intervals. All the alarms will ring without a snooze.  

  • If you are not okay with the snooze time gap of your iPhones, you can select a third-party app for the purpose. Download a suitable alarm clock app from the App Store. You will find the option to change the snooze time on such an app. 

Why Can’t you Change Snooze Time on iPhone?

There is no option available in the iPhone’s default clock to change the snooze time. It is always nine minutes. The manufacturers decide the nine minutes as the time gap between the first and second ringing of an alarm. They were incapable of finding a way to arrange the tooths of the wheelwork in order to get 10 minutes of snooze time. It is the nature of mechanical clocks. Therefore, they were only left with two options; to select a point that was a little far from 10 or to go with 9 minutes stops. Apple has chosen the 9 minutes path. 

You cannot find ways to shorten the snooze time on your iPhones. Similarly, you are also unable to lengthen the snoozing period. But there are a few methods you can follow to overcome this problem. Please refer to the explanation in the following question to find out what is on your hand. 

How to Change Snooze Length on iPhone?

You can go for a third-party service provider if you find it annoying and want more diversity in the snoozing time. When downloading such an alarm app, please make sure you find a bug-free one. You could easily find a free app for iPhones in the App Store. Check the reviews if you doubt the performances. There you will be gifted with the option to adjust the snooze time as you want.  

If you do not like to allow some space in your phone’s storage for additional apps, you can try the multi-alarm trick. Here you are going to set a series of alarms with the preferred time laps and turn off the snooze when setting the alarms. This will prevent the phone from ringing after 9 minutes of each alarm and you will only hear the sound at the entered times. 

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