Did you lose your brand-new AirPods case, yet, you got the AirPods with you? What can you even do with the AirPods without the case? How to charge wireless earbuds without the case? Let’s find out.

How to Recharge Ear Pods Using a Charging Case?

In the daily lifestyle, charging an earbud is a simple task that no one has to be taught. Follow the words below:

  1. Verify that the charging case is in the state of power delivery. 
  2. Put the earphones in the box for power delivery.
  3. Utilize the USB cord supplied to link the charging case to a source of electricity.
  4. Once the power indicator light turns green, the headphones will have finished recharging and be prepared for usage.

It’s simple as that. But if you don’t have the case with you, it’s a different story. So, let us see how to charge wireless earbuds without the case.

How to Charge Wireless Earbuds Without the Case?

Most Bluetooth earbuds are charged using one of three methods. So, how to charge wireless earbuds without the case? The wireless charging cover, the first method of powering Bluetooth headphones without a case, is now widely used. Another one, the finest of all the alternatives, involves charging using a USB connection. A tiny pin adapter is the third strategy. 

Purchase a Charging Case

Whether you are using the initial or second-generation AirPods, Apple shows us how to utilize them without even a case. Manufacturers developed cases for wireless charging in order to solve this problem. It is possible to buy this Earbuds case separately. However, we’ll see how the Earbuds charge in this instance.

Place your Earbuds inside the charging case, then place them on any Energy supply, power adapter or base.

The information light will blink on for a short while before turning out. Move the box if the recharging process fails, and the led fails to illuminate. But make sure the recharging cable is connected properly on both socket ends.

Borrow a Case to Charge

You can charge your earbuds with another case without any problem. It doesn’t need any configurations or any other stuff. You can place your earbuds in a case from the same manufacturer (different manufacturer cases could also charge sometimes). The generation of your earbud isn’t a problem; if it fits in, it’ll probably charge. So borrow a friend’s or loved one’s case for a while and juice it up (whenever you need it).

Using a Micro USB Connector

You must connect a micro-USB cord to the smartphone and either a pc or a Laptop adapter in order to recharge headphones with a USB Connection. After that, you must wait until your earphones power completely. How do you determine whenever the earphones are recharged then? One method is to use the Illumination on your earbuds to check what further power is left in it; the Illumination could be red, green, or blue based on the headsets. Nevertheless, the standard red indicator on earphones usually indicates an empty battery.

Narrow-Pin Adapter

In the course of our research, we discovered that the Nokia structure 1110 has a narrow needle adapter. Don’t worry if you do not have that particular device; a thin pin adapter is obtainable.

This converter makes the conversion from a large port to a tiny port adapter for your device possible. Additionally, you may test out a different single-connector adaptor to power your earphones. Just use this time to work on your headphones.

What are the Instructions for Charging Wireless Earbuds Without a Docking Station?

So now we have seen how to charge wireless earbuds without the case. But what if you lost your charging brick and couldn’t find a way to power up your earbuds? Let us see what we can do.

Most likely never have time to slow down and recharge your Bluetooth headphones because you’re usually on the move. Here are ways to recharge your Bluetooth headphones without a power adapter if you are in a situation.

Employ a Battery Bank

A power bank is among the simplest methods to recharge your Bluetooth headphones without a power adapter. A source of electricity is all you require.

Utilizing a power bank is among the easiest methods to recharge your earbuds with no adapter. Plug in your USB-connected earphones to the rechargeable battery to begin charging them.

Implement a PC or Laptop

Using a USB connection on a PC is another option to fill your Bluetooth headphones without an adapter. Simply plug your earphones into the USB connector with a USB cord to start charging them.

Use a Broadcast Tv or Entertainment Equipment

You may use a USB connector on a Television or game machine to power your Bluetooth earbuds. Simply plug your earphones into the USB socket with a USB cord to start charging them.

You may fill your Bluetooth headphones using any of these three simple methods without a plug. So, if you ever find yourself in a tight spot, you may recharge your headphones and keep on enjoying your tunes of choice.

What Leads to Earbuds Charging Issues?

Most premium Bluetooth headphones last for at least 2 – 3 years without having a replacement. On often, though, charging these doesn’t result in the predicted improvement in battery life. These are some potential causal factors of this issue.

Defective Cell

The problem can be solved throughout this case by repairing the earbuds or getting new ones. The replacement of the battery on the case can be easily done. But the cells inside the earphone are a little complicated to be replaced. The process could possibly cause more damage to the casing.


you can execute the methods referred to before in this situation or try fixing any visible errors. Likely, certain earphone types’ batteries won’t start charging until the trigger is depressed. 


You may eliminate the issue entirely by using ethanol to remove the polluted areas.

Power Supply

Either the wire or the earbuds enclosure might be broken. You can try to fix it by utilization of numerous cables, chargers, and gadgets to recharge wireless may also be included.


So then, how to charge wireless earbuds without the case? You can charge it using a friend’s case or get a new case or a type C or a narrow pin cord.

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