Poshmark is an e-commerce company where you can buy and sell new or secondhand home goods, gifts, fashion items, and electronics in an online platform. When selling in Poshmark, you must learn how to deal with the audience commenting on your listing. One of the questions that might trigger you is how to delete a comment on Poshmark when someone leaves a false review in your comment under your listing. But there is nothing you need to fret about; in this article, we will give you the solution to delete comments on Poshmark.

The e-commerce company is based in Redwood City, California, and launched its companies in India, Australia, and Canada. The company was launched in 2011 by its founders, Manis Chandra, Tracy Sun, Chetan Pungaliya, and Gautam Golwala. Poshmark has more than 200 Million products with over 80 million users. Poshmark is a two-way benefiting system where you can earn and find what you need in one platform. If you are running your business in Poshmark, you will have to deal with customers worldwide with positive and negative comments about your products. The negative comments could come from your competing marketer in Poshmark who wants to backlash your business, which could affect the business. Hence, you should know how to delete a comment on Poshmark.

How to Delete a Comment on Poshmark?

When selling, on Poshmark, you find new connections globally, some with good and bad intentions. You will also have your customers and audiences passing by and leaving queries under your product listings. The e-commerce website is very challenging to gain profit as there will be competing marketers in Poshmark; looking forward to leading ahead of you.

The comments are visible to the public, and anyone checking on your product will remember to check the comments, knowing this there are so many people who will backlash on you. Though there might not be anyone specific, the hate commenters should know that any negative comments will immensely affect the business and will bring a bad name.

Thus, comments under your product listings will determine the overall, business growth, which is why it is essential to learn to delete a comment.

Can I Delete a Comment Under My Post?

Because Poshmark allows you to sell, it is a great platform to earn, but there are a few things you need to know, as there will be a lot of competition in the market. The easiest way for the audience to reach your product is by commenting on your listing, which will be visible to the public. The comments can be either good or bad, and sometimes only questions. But if you ever have to come across negative comments or false reviews, you must know how to deal with the comments. You might be curious to know how to delete comments on Poshmark because, unlike other websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or TikTok, Poshmark does not have any direct option to delete comments.

Can I Delete My Comment on Poshmark?

You might have mistakenly commented on the wrong product. Thus, you will feel inappropriate and not want to leave it in the comments. But even if it was your comment, you will not be able to delete it under a post. You are helpless at this point because there is no option for you to delete your own comment on another product listing unless the listing owner himself finds a way to remove it from the post.

Can I Delete a Reply on Poshmark?

Typos are common to most of us when using the keyboard. Imagine a customer, who inquired about your product in the comments, but you gave the incorrect specifications; you will easily fret about it, or if you had to answer a question to a critical customer but gave the typos, it will ruin the reply. Hence, when this happens, you should delete the reply in Poshmark. But unfortunately, just like the comment, there is no option. You can delete a reply on Poshmark. You can only get rid of the reply if the primary comment is deleted from the listing.

How to Delete a Comment on Poshmark?

As we previously discussed, there is no option to delete the comments on Poshmark directly, but you can remove the comments by reporting or removing the listing the comment is on. You can also get rid of a reply if the initial comment of the particular listing is removed. When the comment is reported, the Poshmark website will thoroughly check if the comment violates the company policies or if any other inappropriate content is in the comment.

Thus, below in the article, we have given the necessary steps to report a comment and remove a listing.

  1. If you want to remove the comment only, you can report it by selecting the particular comment and clicking on the flag icon. You will have to select the reason for reporting, and then you are done with the process. You can go to the account that commented and block it to avoid anything unnecessary in the future.
  2. The second method is to remove the listing of the initial comment; for this, you will have to log into the app, click on the top right corner “Edit,” then find “delete the listing.” Ensure you select the correct post before you delete it.  


As previously discussed, Poshmark is an e-commerce company where you can buy and sell new or used fashion and home goods, electricity products, gift items, etc. If you are selling on Poshmark, you might have to deal with different types of customers worldwide. Thus, you must know how to deal with negative feedback well. However, one of the common questions asked by the sellers is how to delete a comment on Poshmark when there is a negative or false on your listing, which will affect the business.

Hence, in this article, we have discussed how to delete a comment on Poshmark by relating to different topics like why to delete a comment on Poshmark, whether can I delete a comment under my post or my comment, including can I delete a reply on Poshmark to make the article insightful.

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