Vimeo, a media streaming and sharing site, has grown in popularity among specialist media companies. Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick started the business. People may publish, exchange, and watch videos on it as well. On the flip side, it delivers a YouTube substitute with higher picture quality and more anonymity. What if you wish to erase your existing or prior account and create a new one from scratch? Junk mail, stagnant behavior, or improper usage are some of the causes for elimination. You could want to delete an old, private Vimeo profile from the web. So, how to delete a Vimeo account? Let’s find out.

What Exactly Is Vimeo?

It’s possible that you’ve grown more conscious of Vimeo’s appeal. The website is renowned for stunningly produced, creative films that impact viewers.

Vimeo is a media-sharing website with capabilities including online broadcasts and personalization. The network doesn’t have advertisements; rather, it makes money by giving membership services to companies and media companies and selling a software (SaaS) service. Such services involve making visual effects, providing transmitting equipment, and communicating with customers. The basic truth is that Vimeo enables you to produce top-notch, expert films and reach people anywhere!

What is the Function of Vimeo?

At first sight, Vimeo appears to be rather simple and comparable to other networks like YouTube. Individuals may view videos, add them to groups, store them, vote on them, like them, and more. Nevertheless, the population on Vimeo is extremely social, which makes it a fantastic venue for growing a supporter base.

What is the first step, then? To get started, simply create a Vimeo profile. As a Basic User, you may expect to receive the following benefits:

Weekly material uploads are limited to megabytes

Use the fundamental inserting tools

Analyze your clips’ statistics

the film clips that have been encoded

Make use of various security settings for your recordings.

Ten clips may be uploaded each day.

Publish one channel, one group, and three showcases.

Directly upload files to your social media and online store channels.

What are the Justifications for Deleting your Vimeo Account?

It can rely on how you use Vimeo and the reasons you want to terminate your profile. The majority of the frequent justifications for deleting your Vimeo subscription are as continues to follow:

  • When you stop utilizing Vimeo or even when your membership is temporarily canceled due to absence.
  • When your Vimeo profile is deleted for security concerns, there is a risk that an additional protection layer will be removed from your profile, which might be a symptom of an account breach or data leakage.
  • Whenever you no longer use your previous Vimeo profile, or it has been canceled, and you utilize a different Vimeo login.
  • When you aren’t utilizing your current Vimeo profile, there could be a potential for data theft or the disclosure of personal information.

How to Delete a Vimeo Account?

You are not required to worry about how to deactivate your current Vimeo profile. The specific steps for canceling your Vimeo account were described. You’d better read all the way to the conclusion to find out how to delete it if you wish to do so on your smartphone or via a computer.

How to Remove Vimeo from your Mobile Device?

You may cancel your profile on the smartphone if you decide to stop using Vimeo. All of the films, as well as other materials you previously published to Vimeo, should be deleted if your profile is deleted. In addition to that, your username and passcode for your profile (which will be removed) will no longer exist to access any Vimeo features.

The procedures to remove your profile on your smartphone are as follows:

  • Visit Vimeo’s webpage.
  • Select “Login” and input the email id connected to your profile (this will not be your login). If you are unable to check in at this time, it indicates that you are unable to fulfill your demand in accordance with the technical conditions of service, legal department, or any other specifications you provided to us during a prior sign-up procedure or when you established a profile through Vimeo. When this is the situation for you, don’t hesitate to contact the internet provider immediately.
  • Select “Remove Account” at the down of this page after moving the cursor to the “Are You Sure?” prompt on the subsequent site. Next, click “Remove My Account Immediately” at the end of that site to return to Task 2 ahead, where you’ll verify the removal by selecting “Yeah, deactivate my profile.”

How to Terminate a Vimeo Account in an Internet Browser?

The procedure is straightforward if you want to remove your Vimeo profile.

  • Get into your Vimeo profile on the web page: You may change your login information by clicking the “Forgot Password?” button if you can’t recall it. Visit Vimeo and select “Sign Up” if you haven’t previously done so.
  • Choose “Remove my account” to do so. The profile page button may be located on the top-right side of any site on From the drop-down box, choose “Settings Page.” Select “Delete Account” underneath “My Account.”
  • Use the box at the end of the page to verify your choice: Select the option beside “I accept that canceling my profile is permanent and may not be reversed” on the screen that shows access to the entirety of Vimeo’s privacy and terms of service statement. Next, click “Continue.” Click “Remove My Account” at the end of the page on the following screen.

How to End a Vimeo Membership?

To terminate your Vimeo membership, take the following actions:

  • Go to Vimeo’s webpage and select “My Account.”
  • “Subscription Manager” should be chosen from the range of choices.
  • You may get a summary of your current memberships on the following page. To terminate your membership, you must select the “Cancel Subscription” button beside the desired selection.
  • To obtain a verification code indicating your membership has now been terminated, select “Cancel Subscription” at the end of the screen. When you terminate your membership, you’ll get a mail notice that features a link that lets you deactivate your membership. From this point forward, you have Thirty days to disable your profile before that autonomously dies. Therefore, be sure not to miss it.


Vimeo is a potent media-sharing website that has connected a lot of producers with diverse crowds. To grow your fan base and reach viewers who enjoy your material, creators wholeheartedly advise utilizing Vimeo. However, if you want to delete your Vimeo account for whatever reason, you may be able to help yourself by reading this article.

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