Do you have installed the lockdown browser during the quarantine period and trying to delete it now? Well, you can delete it simply by reading through this article. So, how to delete the lockdown browser on mac? Let us find out.

What Exactly is a Lockdown Browser?

LockDown Browser® seems to be a modified internet explorer that restricts access to Canvas’s lecturing ecosystem. Learners who view assessments using LockDown Browser weren’t permitted to download, duplicate, visit another URL, or employ other programs. Participants are committed to it until the test is turned in for evaluation.

A user program called LockDown Browser is set up on a home pc. The application’s Mac and Windows versions are built on Google’s free software Chromium technology. The Chrome browser is Really not required for participants, and it will not be affected by this edition if Google has been deployed.

LockDown Browser really isn’t meant to take the position of the internet that instructors or learners use inside Canvas. The only time participants should utilize LockDown Browser is while writing papers designed to work with it.

What is the Purpose of the Lockdown Browser?

A lockdown browser is a kind of program that is placed on the pc of the participant and supervises the online quiz. It functions to restrict access to pc tools, online searches, applications, and anything else that might encourage unethical behavior.

What are the Important Characteristics of the Lockdown Browser?

Common Causes of Lockdown Browsers Include:

  • Securing other platforms
  • Prevent toolbars and keypad commands
  • prohibited access to messaging apps such as Whatsapp and others
  • The previous, next, reload, and other browsing menu options are absent.

How Secure is the Lockdown Browser?

Browser lockdown is among the most used methods of ensuring online test confidentiality and reliability, although unproductive. There are several difficulties and hurdles with this proctored answer.

  • Invasiveness: Numerous experts have concluded that lockdown browsers dramatically raise privacy issues. This program controls the machine once it is placed on the tested system, increasing its susceptibility to pirate assaults and malfunctions.
  • Insufficient Protection: Programs for securing browsers cannot claim to be very secure. Personal data compromises are now much more likely as a result.
  • Flooding the Device: The internet used by academic institutions that use lockdown browsers is typically constrained. In other words, if too many participants log on to the network in one go, they risk losing their Internet service and attendance at their examination.

The lockdown browser is among the fundamental methods for safeguarding the authenticity of e-learning. Though not handled efficiently, it is neither the most effective nor trusted online. It could be blamed for incidents involving pupil computers, cyber assaults, and data theft. So, let us discuss how to delete the lockdown browser on mac devices.

How to Delete the Lockdown Browser on Mac?

There are several ways to delete this program from your mac. You can easily follow the mentioned methods below to delete this software. You may delete programs you no longer employ if you wish to fill your device space.

How to Delete the Lockdown Browser on Mac? – Automatically?

Utilizing specialist software seems to be a way we may delete the program. This makes it even more practical because the software will handle the job for you. Anyone may remove any software with the help of PowerMyMac’s Application Remover, which is a wonderful resource.

LockDown Browser or even other programs such as Proxy Servers or Chrome Browser won’t be difficult or trouble to delete as it takes just several taps to strip away an application and very few moments to finish the procedure with no remains.

This optimal control program also includes a ton of capabilities, such as the ability to remove identical and garbage items.

The instructions below will show you how to remove LockDown Browser with PowerMyMac.

  • The PowerMyMac program should then be installed, after which people may launch it. Whenever you initially launch the program, it will display your device’s current state.
  • Hit Analyze after selecting Application Cleaner. Once the processing is finished, kindly wait. Re-scanning should only be done in extreme cases.
  • A summary of each one will appear on the top when every bit of code has been examined. Select the unwelcome application form from the list of applications. The items connected to LockDown Browser would then show up on the left of the search engine if you only type their title into it.
  • Finally, pick the required documents for the program. After double-checking, all your documents, click Clear to conclude the procedure and allow it to be finished.
  • Once the message “Cleaning Finished” appears, the uninstallation is finished.

How to Delete the Lockdown Browser on Mac? – Individually?

Individually removing the page is one option, but this method requires more knowledge. Locate all its associated folders and drag the program into the garbage to ensure that an application is entirely deleted.

When you don’t think you can accomplish it, follow these instructions to physically separate the LockDown Browser on Macintosh. Read the following steps in full:

  • Open Search, then choose Apps.
  • Find LockDown Browser and select it.
  • Select “Documents” and afterward, “Send to Trash.”
  • Clearing the trash is now required.

In the event it continues to function, try installing and executing the LockDown Browser setup once more, this time choosing “Remove” when prompted. In certain circumstances, it’s advised to rebuild LockDown Browser before using the launcher a second time to remove it.

It won’t be guaranteed that an app has been totally erased after deletion. In case you were unaware, applications have linked documents that cannot be deleted together with the application. To guarantee comprehensive eradication, some leftover files should be typically extracted.

Continue reading to discover where to locate such documents and exactly how to thoroughly remove LockDown Browser on Mac:

  • Start Finder and Choose “Go to Folder” from the “Go” option on the Toolbar.
  • Search for and delete any files and information that contain the system’s name by typing the location /Library.
  • Look in these documents for any LockDown Browser leftovers, then delete these to fully uninstall the software from the Computer.

The trash may now be cleared, but before you do, be certain to retrieve any data you desire not to abandon permanently.


So then, how to delete the lockdown browser on mac? You can easily delete the files of the lockdown browser with the help of third-party cleaning software, or you can search all of its files and clean them yourself. Even though it is a useful application, it has many flaws and insecurities. So be careful using it.

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