When logging into Facebook messenger, have you wondered how on earth these fellas appear on my grounds? If you are annoyed with those appearing out of nowhere, you probably must be searching for how to delete suggested on messenger. Do not worry this article will resolve all your worries. 

Suggesting people is a feature available on social media platforms, including Facebook, messenger, TikTok, Instagram, WeChat, etc. Facebook and messenger are offered by Meta with the mere intention of connecting people, school friends newly met in workplaces, or maybe total strangers. If you are confused about a friend suggestion with whom even you do not have any mutual friends, there is no need to fear a scam or hacking. Sometimes a total outsider will appear in your feed because you may have liked or viewed or have a post that is tagged together with them. Sometimes the reason may be that the information you entered when creating an account tally with that particular person’s info, like where you come from, where you live, or the college you attended, for instance. There would be instances where people who viewed your profile appear as friend suggestions too. 

How to Delete Suggested on Messenger?

The suggestion procedure of messenger is similar to that of Facebook. Other than the Facebook activities, if you have allowed Facebook to sync your contact list on the phone, there is a high chance of appearing such in your wall when they have used the same contact information. Some people may think this is a violation of privacy, and often it may be trouble. 

How to delete suggested on messenger? This matter will be solved if you delete the uploaded contacts from your account. There are two methods. Let’s look into the process step by step now. 

Step 1: Open the messenger app and touch on the icon which displays your profile picture. You can find this in the top right corner of the interface.

Step 2: Select phone contacts and then manage contacts. 

Step3: At the bottom, you will find the “delete all contacts” button. Touch on it.

Step4: Log out from Facebook and messenger.

Step5: If you still see those strangers, check whether you have signed into your account from any other device. If there are any, you should log out from all of those.

When you do not sign out and remain signed in then, the suggested contacts will last for a few days and then will disappear. 

Step6: Now open the messenger app, and you will see that all those strangers have vanished. 

Second Method

This is done with the settings app on your phone. First, you need to go to the settings. Secondly, select Apps from the list. Then you will be displayed with all the apps on your device. You should select the messenger app from the listing. This will direct you to the App info page. Next, you have to go with the Storage option there. From the next appearing page, you can give the clear data command. 

When you delete the data stored in the messenger app, the appearing strangers will be disappeared. 

How Does Instagram Decide Suggested Users?

Instagram also suggests people to users. These suggestions are based mainly on four things. 

  • Your activities on the platform; posts you have commented on, liked or saved to your account.
  • If you have early interactions with the accounts that you do not follow, then those will appear in the suggested user lists. 
  • When you post on Instagram, the post could be viewed by strangers, and therefore it gives a reason to appear to them in the suggestions. This is based on your popularity, the time posted, and the location. 
  • Account information and different individuals who have looked through your profile will be considered facts in suggesting Instagram.

What If You are Not Interested in a Suggested Post on Instagram?

Simply tap on the “three horizontal dots” sign on the post and give the command not interested. The cross sign in a suggestion also allows the users to hide posts, and your preferences will be saved in the algorithm to avoid future posts suggesting the same. 

You can follow the same procedure in the Instagram Lite app too. 

Where does TikTok Get People You May Know?

TikTok presents a feature of suggesting people based on the accounts you sent links and you received links. This is valid for the links shared and opened on other platforms too. For instance, if you send a link to a messenger user and he/she has opened it, the relevant person will appear on your suggestions if that particular has a TikTok account. 

How Do I Change My TikTok Suggestions?

When you have suggested a video that you do not have any interest in, long tap on the video, then you will be provided with a list that contains Not interested. Give that command, and you will no longer be disturbed by videos from that account. 

How to Delete Suggested on Google Maps?

Open the Google map and tap on the profile picture. Then go to settings, where you will have to proceed with map history. Then select the items you need to delete and remove those. 

Suppose you want to delete all the saved locations fellow this way. On the map history page, you will see a “three vertical dots” sign for more. Then you will be asked whether to delete by date or delete all your history. If you want a certain time period, then select the dates you want to expel. Otherwise, give the command All time to delete all the saved locations. 

Your saved locations will be deleted, but the places you intently saved and shared will not be deleted this way. 

As a Whole

How to delete suggested on messenger? This article will clarify and show you the way of getting rid of unwanted contacts or people not only from your messenger account but also from a few other commonly used social media platforms. 

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