Some people on TikTok may enjoy your artistic endeavors. On the other hand, others could be ready to judge you and leave cruel comments on any TikTok clips. You can become less motivated as a result. How to limit comments on TikTok? You’re in the perfect location if you’re considering how to seize ownership of the TikTok reply box.

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How to limit comments on TikTok? You should visit the “Privacy and Safety” options on the account, go to “Who Can Comment on My Videos,” and choose the appropriate option if you want to limit the replies.

TikTok Overview

TikTok would be a social media site where many users contribute material in order of clips in categories including music and humor. By liking and responding to the clip the author shared, users may express their responses.

Viewers can type their responses to the clip in remarks. The remarks then appear in the remarks area, which also contains all the different items individuals have said in relation to the video.

But you won’t always receive positive feedback; occasionally, you could even receive criticism. You have the option to restrict remarks on TikTok in certain situations. You may discover the methods in this post for limiting replies on TikTok.

Privacy Options on TikTok

The ability to create and then have pleasure yet feel secure and at ease is essential for TikTok users to receive the greatest online presence possible. The public or confidential status of your TikTok account is something you may select when users establish it.

Although public reports allow you to publish any films with the whole world, personal accounts only allow the individuals you’ve selected to let following you see them. Lately, new capabilities that enable you to manage what others may and cannot comment on the clips were implemented as part of TikTok’s dedication to enabling customers to take charge of the experiences.

Among these are limiting the comments that may be made on your clips and activating comment limits.

What are the Standard Comment Restrictions on TikTok?

You are shielded from negative, harassing, spamming, and abusive remarks by the TikTok application’s built-in security measures. Therefore, if security is an issue, be sure that all presets are on.

Filter for Inflammatory and Spam Material

The “Comment filter” feature may be found under Privacy controls in the profile. Instantly hiding remarks on any films that could be fraudulent or abusive is how it’s configured by design. You are already protected from the unpleasant opinions of everyone else if it is switched on.

Reminder to Think Again

A popup that appears by default whenever a person publishes anything inappropriate in a TikTok remark. The app requests that the offender reconsider their statement because it likely violates the social norms.

How to Limit Comments on TikTok?

Additionally, TikTok offers you the authority to control who may remark on any clips. You have the option of allowing only a few of your friends to post or everyone. To prevent anyone from leaving a remark, you may also use the “No One” choice.

Follow these steps to make this functionality available.

– Select Privacy and Safety within the account to access these options.

– Click the “Who Can Comment on My Videos” link.

– Toggle between Off, Friends, and Everyone.

Please remember that you have the option to report posts that contradict the community standards.

How to Limit Comments on TikTok? Alternative Solutions

  1. Keep Tabs on the Remarks on the Videos

You could hear some remarks about anything you disagree with or detest. One could restrict the remarks by including a few terms in the preferences to maintain your material free of damaging or divisive themes.

In order to automatically prohibit specific terms from appearing in the remarks on any films, TikTok has developed a feature called “Filter Comments,” which users may utilize. This is a fantastic method. Mainly if you are familiar with some terms, you deem offensive.

By doing the actions listed below, you may configure customized keyword filtering.

– Activate the TikTok account.

– Go to “Privacy & Settings” by navigating.

– Then, choose “Privacy and Safety.”

– Select “Filter Comments” from the menu.

– Click the “Add Keywords” icon to turn it either on or off.

– Click “Done” after entering the terms you believe to be harmful.

  1. Cap Remarks on a Particular Post

You could occasionally publish a clip and get rude remarks. Whenever this occurs, it’s not necessary to keep reading offensive remarks.

By doing the actions listed below, you could restrict remarks for a particular post.

– Locate the article that has insulting remarks.

– On your smartphone, click the three circles in the lower right corner.

– Select “Privacy” from the menu.

– Disable the “Allow Comments” option.

  1. Make Remark Approval Available

A new security feature was added to TikTok to keep you secure while using the app. By evaluating remarks before allowing them, you may stop offenders from exploiting your private by using function.

The subscribers won’t notice a difference if you utilize this function since they may continue to remark as usual; however, their comments will only appear once you have approved them. The “Review Filtered Comments” button allows you to examine the remarks that require your permission. After reviewing them, you have the option to either remove them or keep them for your account.

The procedures listed below will activate this functionality for you.

– Go to the TikTok account.

– Pick one of the three dots.

– Select “Privacy.”

– the “Comment filtering” option.

– Click on “Filter all Comments” by going to that menu option.

  1. Only Allow One Individual to Remark on TikTok

On one particular video, you can encounter spam or unfavorable remarks. To disable the replies throughout this situation, navigate to the clip, choose Privacy, and afterward click Turn Off. You are able to impose a one-per-post word count. This prevents viewers from leaving comments on the clip.

By doing the actions listed below, users can activate this functionality.

– Click on “Privacy Settings” when still on TikTok.

– Select “Who can Comment on your video” by clicking.

– Choose “Friends.”


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