A popular smartphone application for sending and receiving money and making regular transactions is called Venmo. You could apply for and acquire a Venmo card and a Venmo profile for everyday transactions. A debit or prepaid card that gets connected to your Venmo credit, the Venmo card functions similarly. You must set up a PIN for additional payments on the Venmo application and cash withdrawals. You could wish to get a replacement card from Venmo to substitute a card that was misplaced, stolen, or destroyed in various circumstances. Or perhaps your credit card is about to expire. So how to order a new venmo card? If you want to acquire a brand-new Venmo card to substitute your old one or for the initial time, this guide will walk you through the process.

Quick Summary: When applying for the initial time or whenever your old Venmo card is about to expire, Venmo offers the opportunity to acquire a new card directly from the application. The Venmo consumer service staff may get reached Venmos’ assistance. Or you can fill out the form on the contacting us website of the Venmo webpage to request a substitute if your previous card gets lost, confiscated, or destroyed. In such circumstances, the card should be deactivated via the Venmo application as soon as possible.

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This digital payment platform makes it incredibly simple to open an account, put funds into it, and transfer payments to others. You may obtain a unique Venmo Card from MasterCard and Bancorp that connects to your account balance on the site. Owners of this card enjoy several benefits, yet you need to obtain a fresh one for whatever cause. Based on your particular circumstance, several processes may get required to obtain a new Venmo card. So let’s look at how to order a new venmo card.

How to Order a New Venmo Card? – All You Need to Know

As we previously said, cancelling a lost or compromised Venmo card is the only way to obtain a new one. Consumers can securely safeguard their cash as they may immediately access the cancellation option from their smartphones.

Open Venmo App

On your smartphone, click the application menu symbol to launch it. Once you’re here, take the next step to see all of the choices accessible on the Venmo application.

Balance Cards Tab

You could choose the Venmo Payment Card selection here, to the right of your Venmo amount. When you press on it, your card will appear on display. It seems logical to include this choice here because you could use your Venmo amount to make payments using the Venmo credit card.

Disable Your Stolen Card

You will notice a small “disable” option beside your Venmo debit card. To completely deactivate your previous Venmo card, you should click that option. It implies that although you locate the credit card, whoever discovers it probably wouldn’t be capable of utilizing it anyway. The Venmo credit card has to be cancelled in any case since, as we previously explained, doing so is required before being entitled to acquire a newer one.

Apply for a Card Online

You must now submit a new digital Venmo card application. It’s crucial to follow this link to proceed to the Venmo webpage and fill out their form. They’ll enquire about your previous Venmo debit card, details from the Venmo application, your house and workplace addresses, your confidential papers, and more. The procedure is quite simple; when you enter your details and call the Venmo customer staff to obtain the card, they will confirm that it is accurate. Don’t fear; no credit check gets required to approve the card.

Note: If your card is about to expire, you will receive an auto-notification in the application approximately 60 days before the expiration date. Or you could order a new one by going to the “Venmo Credit Card” feature. Ensure to include your residential location in the address. In case your postal address has altered.

It may require up to 15 business days for a new Venmo card to receive. Only a residential address could receive the card. According to Venmo conditions, you cannot carry out this operation using a business location. You can contact Venmo if it has been more than 15 working days since you last got your card.

Replacing Venmo Card

By contacting the Venmo support line or completing the form on the Venmo webpage, you could apply to substitute your missing, confiscated, or broken Venmo card. In these circumstances, the Venmo application doesn’t offer the opportunity to order a new card. Suppose you’ve misplaced your Venmo card or suspect it gets taken. In that scenario, the initial thing to perform is deactivating it in the Venmo application for security and fraud prevention. To discover this choice, navigate the Cards Section on the Venmo application’s main page’s bottom navigation, then hit “Venmo credit card.”

Even if you can’t use the application, you can still notify the problem right away to the Venmo staff by contacting their helpline or using their webpage contact form. They can assist you with deactivating the app and handling your need for a substitute.

Venmo Card Waiting list

Whenever you apply for a Venmo Credit Card, you might observe a “Get in Line” prompt. It indicates that you would need to wait before applying, most likely due to a momentary load on Venmo’s backend. Whenever you could enroll in such circumstances, Venmo would email you a notification. For several people, this period might range from one week to 2 months and even longer under exceptional situations.

Bottom Line

You must apply for a Venmo credit card adequately based on your unique circumstances. You may use the Venmo application to acquire a substitute for a standard replacement when it expires. Still, you must contact the Venmo customer staff for all other situations.    

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