Have you lately converted from a Macbook pro to a Chromebook? Reconfiguring files is among the tasks you may wish to explore again. On your Chromebook, modifying files is a rather simple operation. Renaming documents on a Chromebook will be simple when you’ve done it before on Microsoft. Although the procedure is slightly distinct from Windows’s, it is still straightforward. So then, how to rename files on a Chromebook? Let us find out.

What Exactly is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a computer that is centered on Google. Signing in requires a Google account. The configurations on the gadget are synchronized with your Gmail account. It could really communicate with a Mobile phone to exchange texts, synchronize conversation alerts, and transfer data via the same mobile network.

You may give voice input with the Software by stating, “Hey, Google,” which would be integrated with Google Assistant. In addition to a multitude of other Google-made applications and services, Google’s internet efficiency features are included by the standard in the Home screen. The Play Store App and Chrome Browser are prominently displayed on the ledge at the bottom of the display.

Although a Chromebook is mostly intended for use online, all current Chromebooks may be utilized disconnected. Network applications like Google Drive and Google Slides provide standalone options. Chromebooks that are not linked to the web may modify documents that have been stored on the machine, and all these documents synchronize with the web version the next moment you are connected.

With practically every significant computer maker creating their own versions, Chromebooks have a wide range of technology. There are numerous affordable Chromebooks available. Even the most basic models occasionally go out on clearance for much less than $100. Significantly greater Chromebooks with lightning-fast technology are also available. In order to support cloud gameplay, several manufacturers are making sports Chromebooks with higher response speeds, quicker Wi-Fi, and stronger gaming interfaces.

How to Change the Name of the Files on a Chromebook?

Finding the document you wish to change in the documents application on your Chromebooks is all it takes to modify an item.

On something like a Chromebook, you may modify your documents in two different ways:

Mode 1 

  • Identify the document you wish to modify in the Files app.
  • Tapping once will choose the item.
  • Select the I symbol that is currently visible in the upper portion of the screen.
  • Select the “Rename” option at the beginning of the new preview pane.
  • Hit the “Rename” option at the bottom after entering the document’s new title.

Mode 2 

  • Browse the item you wish to change in the Files app after opening it.
  • Choose “Rename” first from the fall list by performing right-clicking on the document.
  • Input the desired filename, then select the “Rename” option on the bottom edge.

This is how you do it on a Chromebook. As we stated, it’s a simple process that even those without much tech knowledge can manage. Simply adhere to the steps listed above to complete the process. I promise that you’ll get all the folders changed with no effort.

How to Modify a Chromebook Folder?

It’s just as simple to rename a folder as a document. The procedure to rename a folder is identical to the procedure to rename a document; it is not difficult.

Mode 1

  • Click “My Files” from the Software Menu.
  • Choose the folder that needs a new title initially.
  • To access the choice, right-click on the chosen directory.
  • The existing subfolder title is displayed in choices; select “Rename” and give the new title.
  • Click Enter to store the directory with the new title after you’ve input the new label.

Mode 2 

  • Visit the directory that needs to be renamed.
  • choose the category
  • Utilize CTRL+Enter hotkey.
  • Modify the folder’s title.

Do Chromebooks Support Offline Utilization?

Occasionally. Most Chrome applications have standalone versions that save your information on the Device and put it right back when you’re connected, similar to your ability to use Gmail and Google Sheets without being connected to the internet on a Microsoft or Mac computer. Additionally, you may access any video files stored on the strong storage of the Chromebook.

How Long Does a Chromebook’s Power Supply Last?

The battery capacity of Chromebooks is comparable to that of Windows laptops. Tiny, inexpensive versions’ cells only last a few moments on a fill, but the finest versions’ cells last up to ten hours.

How Long Does a Chromebook Last?

Chromebooks and most contemporary Windows and Mac machines employ Name, which is much more robust than the previous HDD that was once ubiquitous in PCs. As a consequence, Chromebooks are equally as durable as either Windows or Mac computers in general.

What Are the Prices of Chromebooks?

If you’re not overly fussy, a Chromebook may be purchased for less than $200. You may choose from a large range of Chromebooks featuring modern hardware, enough capacity, and sometimes even ultraportable functionality for $400 to $500. Getting a Chromebook for more than $1,000 without overpaying for superfluous extras like a 4K super high (UHD) panel is challenging.

Do You Want to Buy a Chromebook?

It’s great for getting a Chromebook to the family if you don’t need to use any Apple or Windows programs. The typical user typically utilizes their laptop for networking sites, mail, online surfing, and workplace applications. Activities that even a cheap Chromebook may complete with ease. Although Chromebooks are made specifically to be more protected than Desktops And laptops, people also have a lower incline to get malware on their machine or damage the equipment.

A significantly greater Chromebook may help you perform if you launch many hardware-demanding programs in one go. If you wish to continue exploring a Chromebook’s Ubuntu features or check out any video games on the play store, these potent Chromebooks also represent a need. A Chromebook’s amount is increased by additional capabilities like its flexibility to synchronize with Mobile devices and its application interoperability with nearly all of the Android Market Store’s offerings.


The procedure for altering items on a Chromebook is rather simple. Modifying documents on a Chromebook would be simple whether you’ve done it before on Microsoft. Although the procedure is unique from Windows, it is still straightforward if you carefully follow all the aforementioned steps.

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