Wanna do a little bit of spy thingy around the person with whom you have a secret crush before purposing as you are too shy of any rejection? Checking participation on social media platforms is a huge clue you can get regarding this area. If you are someone who is wondering how to tell if someone is on Facebook dating, the details you find in the following passages would be perfectly handy for you. 

With the entering of the information age, love is on the air became a true phenomenon! Facebook also has introduced a dating site to its users worldwide. Currently, there is no web, but the app is supported by all android and Apple smartphones. Facebook has built up a virtual bridge in connecting and searching for people with the same desire and nature all around the world, letting them chat unlimitedly. For the best, the dating app is also a free offering from the company.  

How to Tell If Someone is on Facebook Dating?

The Facebook dating app is an extended service for meeting new people and building up new relationships irrespective of country, region, or ethnicity. Anyway, it also can be used as a way of cheating. If you are recently clueless about any abnormal behavior of your partner, you surely must have entered the role of a spy to catch any sight of the causes. How to tell if someone is on Facebook dating? This comes next in your spying journal, and we are here to help you. 

It is unluckily impossible to find the dating participation of a person with the usual Facebook profile you have. But there are alternative ways you can follow. We will look into those ones by one now.

Stealing a Glimpse of their Facebook Account

Do you know that Facebook sends the dating version’s notification to the same Facebook profile? Thank me later, and make a sudden move on the first chance you get to investigate his Facebook profile. Go to the notification box, and there will be the evidence you need if he is secretly using Facebook dating. If he or she is your partner, you probably could find a chance to do this quick scan. 

You also can clear a path to log into the account; you need to check if you know the relevant email address or phone number. 

How to Create your own Dating Profile on Facebook?

When you make the entrance to dating on FB, you can add similar likes and interests as of the person you are searching for in your description, and you will be suggested the people who own similarities to yours. This makes a high possibility of meeting the profile you need. 

This will become useless if you have mutuals with the person you are looking into and you have no idea of matching your dating profile with the friends of your Facebook profile. 

Take the help of an online tool

There are many tools available now to check whether a person is available on a dating site or not. This is the easiest way if you have the email address of a certain person. The availability will be checked when you enter the details. Most of the tools are free; therefore, you do not need to worry about extra spending. 

Installing a spy App on Their Phone 

There are spy apps that allow you to take usage reports on the performance of the device. You will be sent screenshots, and you can check those to see whether they are using the dating app of Facebook. 

Having an Open Conversation with the Relevant Person

After all, trust and loyalty are the main keys to a golden relationship. Some will think that is a silly thing to do, but if all the other attempts end in failure, ask the thing from him/her in person if you feel free to communicate such doubts with your partner at any count. 

How to Tell If Someone Blocked you on Facebook dating?

It is the same as on facebook’s main app. On dating, you can search the person’s name, and if you are not provided with an account of such name, then we can assume that you have been blocked by that person. 

Or else, if you have chatted with that person earlier, that profile will no longer be available in messaging. 

How to Tell If Someone Has a Facebook Dating Profile?

This could be done with the following.

  • A dating profile reverse searching will give you the result.
  • Attempting to make an account with their email address- If you know their email, you can enter their email address on a site and create an account. If that email is already being used, then that relevant person has an account on that dating site.
  • Checking the browser history and searching for hidden apps is also a way to determine whether he is cheating on you. You can go to the settings and scan for the hidden apps easily if this act does not go under a crime with the law prevailing in your area. 

What does It Mean When a Match Disappears on Facebook Dating?

There are two ways of disappearing a match on Facebook dating. The first is when the suggestion has expired. Unless you start a chat, matches will vanish within 18 days. If you were chatting and all of a sudden, the person disappears, it is evident that you have been blocked by him or her. There is also a possibility of deleting the dating account from Facebook, that person on their own.


You tend to search for a crush or about your partner when in doubt, whether they are using a dating profile on Facebook. Well, it will seem that some ways we included are unethical here, but after all, those are the ways that you can lean on to ensure if your partner is cheating or not. 

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