Is Apple security as reliable as they claim? Here, I have discussed whether you can unlock Face ID with a picture, how to unlock Face ID with a picture, and the only instances you can not rely on Face ID for security.

Can You Unlock Face ID with a Picture? 

Despite the latest technological advancement to enhance security, people still have managed to find loopholes. 

Now the latest complaint is that Apple Face ID can be unlocked with a photograph.

How to Unlock Face ID with a Picture? A Complete Guide for 2023

But to be fair, Apple security systems are much more secure and reliable than Android. With Android phone models made by Samsung, Motorola, Sony, and Huawei can be easily fooled with the photo trick. Examples include Samsung Galaxy A7, A8, and J8, the Motorola Moto E5 and G6 Play, Xperia XZ2, XZ2 Premium, and Huawei P20. 

However, these are mid-range models, and the more expensive phones from the same companies could not be unlocked with photos. In addition, most Android phones could be fooled with a high-resolution photograph when set on default mode. If you set the Face Recognition option to the strictest mode, they were considerably more difficult to fool. 

But what about Apple Face ID? 

In spite of many claims that Apple Face ID can be unlocked with a picture, it has never really been proven.

I tried unlocking my iPhone with the highest resolution photos of myself, setting the photo from the iPhone 10-20 inches from the phone. But I was not successful even after many attempts. 

So can you unlock Face ID with a picture? I don’t think so. Though the same cannot be said for other Android phones, iPhone security is pretty reliable.How to Unlock Face ID with a Picture? A Complete Guide for 2023

This is because iPhone uses a feature known as True Depth Camera for its Face Recognition system. The True Depth camera projects thousands of infrared dots on our faces and creates a depth map while unlocking our faces. 

Due to this, a mere photograph will not be able to pass the security test. In fact, anything two-dimensional will not bypass the test. 

How to Unlock Face ID with a picture?

As I mentioned earlier, Face ID cannot be unlocked with a picture. But there are other ways you can unlock Face ID. 

There are many other Android phones which you can fool with a high-resolution photograph, but not Apple Face ID.

The only way you can unlock your Face ID with a picture is if you have added a picture to Apple’s Facial Recognition feature. 

Apple has a feature called photo ID, where you can use a picture to unlock your iPhone. To set this, got Apple>FaceID and Passcode>Set up Photo ID. Then take a picture of your face in a well-lit area. 

How to Unlock Face ID? 

Apple security may be the product of highly evolved technology. But no technology is invincible. Apple Face ID is not entirely foolproof. There are a few ways to unlock Face ID. 

  • Your Face ID is not very secure if you have an identical twin. Yes, a twin with a similar face cut and features can unlock your phone quite easily. So if you are a twin, it’s best you rely on your passcode instead. 
  • Even if you don’t have a twin, there is a possibility that Face ID can be unlocked with the faces of your relatives or siblings who look a lot like you. There have been a few who have claimed that their iPhones were unlocked by their daughters. 

So chances are that anyone who looks like you can unlock your phone too. iPhones can be unlocked if a person who looks like you puts their fingerprint on your home button. 

Face ID may also be fooled if your siblings or relatives wear your accessories like glasses or contact lenses which the system recognizes.How to Unlock Face ID with a Picture? A Complete Guide for 2023


  • You can also unlock your Face ID using Siri. If it’s your phone you are trying to unlock, then it will respond. 
  • The other best way to unlock Apple Face ID is to use a professional iOS unlocking tool called TunesKit iPhone Unlocker. This tool helps users remove Face ID or screen-lock from Apple devices without bypassing the Face ID authentication.


How to prevent Face ID from being unlocked?

There are a few ways to make the Face ID security system even more secure.  

Many have claimed that Apple Face IDs can be unlocked by others when using a mask. If it’s true, it is always best to disable the Face ID with the mask feature. 

Go to settings>Face ID and Passcodes> toggle off the Face ID with mask feature. 

How to Unlock Face ID with a Picture? Summary

You cannot fool Apple Face ID with a picture, but you can do it with many Android phone models. The only way you can use a picture to unlock your Face ID is if you have programmed your picture with Apple’s Photo ID feature. 

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