Are you having trouble connecting with your colleagues and fans now that Discord has gained popularity and a lot of Streamers are using it for communication and vocal messaging in Battleground gameplay? So how to solve that problem? How to unlock the top-secret control panel on Discord? Let’s find out.

Timeline of Entertainment and Voice Chat

Voice chat is typically superior for online play. Unlike needing to write everything down, you may prepare, carry everything out, or giggle while doing it. Prior to Discord, there was Voice over IP tools like Ventrilo. You are unlikely to see them as commonly utilized as Discord, despite the fact that they worked great during their day and remain in use now.

All applications needed a site that was operating on a Computer that the users connected to. You must still be aware of the hostname which you input when attempting to reach the network using Ventrilo. You may speak, communicate with pals and enjoy other activities after you enroll. Honestly, that’s all that exists. 

The challenging procedure of Desktop interaction sharing for the games industry has been made simpler by Discord. The firm hosts Discord’s infrastructure, so customers don’t need to run anything else on them. A Discord provider’s manager will send you an acceptance, which you must select to accept.

You might have received the URL privately, or it might be an open address that anybody can use to sign up for the service. It is safe and makes it simple to form a group. However, Discord distinguishes itself from other messaging and voice communication platforms by including a variety of capabilities.

What is Discord?

Discord is a direct messaging tool that enables audio, visual, and written conversations between friends, gaming groups, and programmers. It is among the most widely used platforms for interacting with others, with millions of users worldwide. Nearly every common operating system and gadget, including Microsoft, Apple, Ubuntu, Android, and internet browsers, can be employed with Discord.

What’s The Purpose of Discord?

You may make your own discussion boards on Discord, or you can just attend existing conferencing from other groups by browsing for them. Individuals may build or visit a discord server to remain in touch with their pals while playing and to support one another throughout competitive matches. Discord configuration is simple. Simply download and launch Discord from the authorized homepage, then register for a Discord profile to get started.

But the newbies had no idea that the Computer version of Discord has an upper system settings option. By doing a correction on the Discord symbol in Windows’ status bar, you may find it. However, this function is disabled and can’t be accessed sometimes. So how does someone gain entry to this privileged Discord settings menu?

What Is the Highly Classified Settings Menu for Discord?

Discord is a type of tech with a number of capabilities, including a chat room, discussion forum, and VoIP conversation network. It also has an upper-edge settings menu. Discord may be utilized on a variety of gadgets, including computers and mobile phones. Additionally, you may utilize it to speak with your buddies.

Discord’s upper-edge settings menu functionality is only available in the Desktop version. Right-clicking the Discord symbol in Microsoft’s status bar will bring up the settings board’s upper-edge Discord function.

The upper edge management board’s functionality You can’t click Discord since it seems to be deactivated by nature.

How to Unlock the Top Secret Control Panel on Discord?

We would demonstrate how to enter the upper edge Discord settings menu in this part. Here is the instruction right now.

  • Visit Discord’s internet site to get it.
  • Double-click the downloaded file to finish the installation process.
  • After installation, choose the Discord logos in the status bar by right-clicking them.
  • The Highly Classified Settings Menu function will, after that, be hidden.

A number of years ago, the Discord highly classified settings menu function was already deactivated. The upper-edge Discord configuration tool has been deactivated, although there has been no formal comment from Discord about it. However, we think Discord would provide several updated capabilities for its hidden control center, some of which may cost money.

Is It Possible to Get Into the Super-secret Settings Menu?

In terms of the hypothesis, there still are rumours, user recommendations, and information from several other sources. Every idea is unique, and the discord developers have made no formal statements concerning operating an upper-edge settings menu using current technology.

Additionally, there is currently no authorized statement concerning the deployment of this function or what might be hidden behind or icon. Just one customer’s remarks are being utilized against many. The idea of the upper-edge Discord settings menu has no real reality whatsoever.

However, if it’s been made available somewhere, it will not just be enough for entertainment and may still be in the early stages of creation. However, a forum like Discord could damage its reputation if it pulled a prank that offended the video game industry.

Discord may add certain capabilities with the upper edge control unit at a later time. Even though these capabilities can cost money, the switch didn’t stay grey any longer. Nevertheless, Discord is a fantastic Computer program for connecting with individuals worldwide and having a nice playing experience.

Why Can’t We Use the Top-secret Control Panel? 

The various possible ideas could explain why you are unable to reach the upper edge settings menu:

  • For program creation and maintenance, this functionality could only be accessible to Discord programmers and program users.
  • It’s possible that this feature remains in construction and will eventually be released in beta form. Several end customers who tried to use the leading control center assert that perhaps the icon doesn’t do anything.
  • It is not associated with the upper edge function and is only there to pique your interest in what is ahead.


So then, how to unlock the top-secret control panel on Discord? You can simply left-click on the Discord logo and access the secret panel in Discord when available. But for now, you may only see a faded Title for the top-secret settings menu, which cannot be utilized.

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