Lenovo Legion laptops have gained significant popularity among gamers due to their powerful hardware and exceptional gaming capabilities. Alongside the hardware, the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) plays a crucial role in these laptops’ overall performance and functionality. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the significance of the Lenovo Legion BIOS and its role in initializing hardware components and booting the operating system.

Lenovo legion bios

Lenovo legion bios

Accessing the BIOS Setup Utility on Lenovo Legion Laptops:

To access the BIOS Setup Utility on Lenovo Legion laptops running Windows 8 or 10, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start or Restart the Laptop:

Ensure that your Lenovo Legion laptop is powered off completely. If it’s already turned on, you will need to restart it.

  1. Tap the Function Key:

During booting, you must tap a specific function key on your keyboard to access the BIOS Setup Utility. The exact function key may vary depending on the model of your Lenovo Legion laptop. In most cases, the required key is either F1 or F2.

  1. Hold Down the Fn Key (if necessary):

Some Lenovo Legion laptops may require you to hold down the Fn key while tapping the F1 or F2 key. The Fn key is typically located in the bottom left corner of the keyboard and is used to access additional functions printed on the keys.

It’s important to note that the key combination to access the BIOS Setup Utility may differ slightly depending on your Lenovo Legion laptop’s model and BIOS version. Therefore, referring to the user manual or documentation specific to your laptop model for accurate instructions is recommended.

For visual guidance on how to enter the BIOS Setup Utility on a Lenovo Legion laptop running Windows 8 or 10, you can watch the following video tutorial: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/legion-series/legion-5-15arh05/videos/vid100750-how-to-enter-the-bios-setup-utility-in-window-8-10

Please note that the provided link is a placeholder. To access the video tutorial, visit the Lenovo support website or search for “How to Enter the BIOS Setup Utility in Windows 8/10 Lenovo Legion” on a search engine like Google or YouTube.

Lenovo System Update: Streamlining Driver and BIOS Updates


Lenovo System Update is a valuable tool provided by Lenovo to simplify the process of finding and

Lenovo legion bios

installing the latest drivers, BIOS, and applications for your Lenovo Legion laptop. This time-saving utility ensures that your system stays up to date, which is crucial for optimizing its performance and ensuring compatibility with the latest software releases.


Keeping your drivers and BIOS up to date is essential for several reasons. Firstly, updated drivers often come with performance enhancements and bug fixes that can significantly improve your Lenovo Legion system’s overall functionality and stability. These updates may also introduce new features and compatibility improvements with the latest software applications and games, providing you with an enhanced user experience.

Lenovo System Update replaces the previously known ThinkVantage System Update (TVSU), streamlining the process of updating your system’s drivers and BIOS. The transition to Lenovo System Update improves usability, functionality, and compatibility with the latest Lenovo products, including the Legion series.

You can visit the official Lenovo support website to learn more about Lenovo System Update and gain detailed guidance on using the tool effectively. There, you will find comprehensive information about its features, installation process, and step-by-step instructions for using the utility to keep your Lenovo Legion laptop up to date.

For more information and guidance on using Lenovo System Update, please visit: https://support.lenovo.com/mo/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/legion-series/legion-5-15iah7/solutions/ht003029-lenovo-system-update-update-drivers-bios-and-applications

Please note that the provided link is a placeholder. To access the essential information and guidance on using Lenovo System Update, visit the official Lenovo support website and search for “Lenovo System Update” in the search bar or browse the support sections specific to your Lenovo Legion laptop model.


BIOS Updates for Lenovo Legion Laptops: Ensuring Performance and Security

Lenovo legion bios

BIOS updates play a crucial role in maintaining your Lenovo Legion laptop’s optimal performance, stability, and security. Lenovo releases These updates periodically to address various aspects, including bug fixes, performance improvements, and security vulnerability fixes. It is essential to keep your BIOS current to ensure that your system runs smoothly and securely.

Bug Fixes: BIOS updates often include fixes for known issues and bugs that may affect the functionality or stability of your Lenovo Legion laptop.

Performance Improvements: Lenovo releases BIOS updates to enhance the performance of their Legion laptops. These updates may include optimizing system responsiveness, boot times, power management, and overall efficiency. By keeping your BIOS up to date, you can take advantage of these performance improvements and maximize the capabilities of your Lenovo Legion laptop.

Security Vulnerability Fixes: BIOS updates also address security vulnerabilities that may be discovered over time. These updates ensure that your system is protected against potential exploits or threats. By regularly updating your BIOS, you can strengthen the security of your Lenovo Legion laptop and safeguard your data and privacy.

Lenovo recognizes the importance of BIOS updates and provides them on the Lenovo support website for their Legion laptops. This official platform is a central hub for downloading the latest BIOS updates specific to your laptop model. The Lenovo support website is regularly updated with new releases, ensuring that you have access to the most recent BIOS updates to keep your system up to date.

To download BIOS updates for your Lenovo Legion laptop, visit the Lenovo support website and navigate to the support section dedicated to your laptop model. You can search for the appropriate BIOS update based on your operating system and download it directly from the website.

For downloading BIOS updates and accessing the support website, please visit: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds549277-bios-update-for-windows-10-64-bit-legion-5-pro-16ach6h-legion-5-15ach6h-lenovo-legion-5-17ach6h

Note: The provided link is a placeholder. To access the actual Lenovo support website and download BIOS updates, replace it with the correct URL corresponding to the Lenovo support page for Legion laptops.


Updating System BIOS on Lenovo Legion Laptops: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lenovo legion bios

To update the system BIOS on your Lenovo Legion laptop, follow these general steps:

  1. Visit the Lenovo Support Website:

Open your web browser and go to the official Lenovo support website. This website comprehensively supports Lenovo products, including drivers, software, and BIOS updates.

  1. Search for Your Specific Laptop Model:

Using the search function on the Lenovo support website, enter your Lenovo Legion laptop’s product name, serial number, or machine type. This information can usually be found on a label on the bottom of your laptop or in the system information section of your operating system.

  1. Locate the Drivers & Software Section:

Once you have located your laptop model, navigate to the drivers and software section specifically designed for your laptop. This section contains various software and driver downloads, including BIOS updates.

  1. Find the BIOS Update:

Within the drivers and software section, look for the BIOS update specifically tailored for your laptop model and the operating system you are using. Lenovo provides clear labels and version numbers for BIOS updates to help you identify the correct one.

  1. Download and Install the BIOS Update:

Click on the link to download the BIOS update file. Make sure to carefully read any accompanying instructions or release notes provided by Lenovo. Follow the instructions to install the BIOS update on your Lenovo Legion laptop. It’s crucial to ensure that your laptop is connected to a reliable power source during the update process.

Please note that the steps for updating the BIOS may vary slightly depending on your Lenovo Legion laptop’s specific model and BIOS version. It’s always recommended to refer to the documentation and instructions provided by Lenovo for your particular laptop model to ensure a successful update.

For detailed instructions and visual guidance on updating the system BIOS of Lenovo Legion laptops, you can watch the following video tutorial: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/legion-series/legion-5-15arh05/videos/vid100779-how-to-update-system-bios .

Please note that the provided link is a placeholder. To access the video tutorial, visit the Lenovo support website or search for “How to Update the System BIOS on Lenovo Legion Laptops” on a search engine like Google or YouTube.

Remember to exercise caution and follow the instructions provided by Lenovo when updating the BIOS, as an incorrect or interrupted BIOS update can potentially cause system issues.

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