Occasionally, a Mac pop-up notice stating that, printtool is trying to modify the printer settings, which might appear repeatedly. To change settings, the notification also requests the user name and password. Last but not least, this warning may appear to come and go at random. This message could occasionally show when you try to use your scanner or printer. You might be curious about printtool if you encounter this message, what would happen if you entered your login information and clicked the Modify Settings button, and what you can do to prevent this pop-up from occurring. You’ll find information in this post that will enable you to respond to these queries.

What is Printtool?

You must first understand what printtool is in order to correct the issue with it attempting to change the printer’s settings. Printtool is a macOS process rather than a piece of software or an application. It is in charge of setting up your Mac’s printing interfaces.

In other terms, printtool is a system function that examines the availability and readiness of your Mac’s printer to verify if it is connected and ready to print. This procedure may be seen on your Mac’s Activity Monitor if you search for printtool.

Printtool is Trying to Modify the Printer Settings – Why Does this Notification Appear?

Whenever you try to print a document from your Mac computer but the printer cannot hear you, the printtool warning will appear on your screen. The following factors can contribute to this situation:

  • The Printer got shut off.
  • The Printer and your Mac don’t connect well.
  • The Printer driver is faulty or out of date.

Nevertheless, despite the aforementioned potential causes, there are two primary causes of the printtool is attempting to adjust the printer configuration issue, and they are as follows:

  • The Printer is no longer usable after you install the printer’s software or a printer drive on the Mac.
  • On your Mac, the user who wishes to print a document does not have permission to use that particular device.

How to Fix It?

Printtool is trying to modify the printer settings; how to fix this problem on your Mac? If you find that seeing this warning repeatedly annoys you, we’ve compiled a list of seven tried-and-true methods that you may use to address the problem right immediately.

Delete Unused Printers

Old or new printer files frequently attempt to finish the process on a Mac, so they request permission to change the printer settings. To get rid of the print tool attempting to alter the printer configuration notice, I would advise you to erase the old listed printer and the new listed printer from the Mac and install it from blank.

Use the steps below to remove a scanner or printer from a Mac.

  • First, select System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  • From the menu, choose “printers and scanners.”
  • Every printer or scanner mentioned can be seen here.
  • Next, choose each item individually to remove the scanner and printer from the list.
  • That concludes everything; now reinstall the printer software and begin again.

Give Permission

This pop-up gets shown because you haven’t given the printer all of your permissions. Therefore, we advise you to provide the printer permission by doing the following:

  • Open the spotlight using the shortcut key.
  • Enter directory Utility
  • Click the directory editor now from the directory utility window.
  • Next, choose a group from the left-hand side view and put “print” into the search box.
  • To unlock the lock, click the top and then the lock symbol after selecting Print Administrator.
  • Select GroupMembership from the right-side pane, then click the “+” button.
  • Replace the new value with the user account’s name that is causing these pop-ups, and then click Save.
  • Open the Directory Editor’s door.
  • After logging out, use this user account to relog in. You get done.


By restarting your Mac’s printing system, you can correct printtool’s attempt to change the printer configuration.

  • Select System Preferences > Printers & Scanners from the Apple menu.
  • Right-click the empty spot in the Printers box on the left, then select Reset printing system.
  • If prompted, enter your password, then click Reset.

Through Third-Party App

The settings on your printer will probably get altered or corrupted if you receive the printtool trying to adjust the printer settings message. You may resolve this by resetting your printer’s settings using a third-party program like Print Management. It is how:

  • By selecting Start > Run, the Print Management console may get accessed. Select All Drivers from the Custom Filtering tree after expanding it. Right-click your printer and choose Set Drivers Isolation > Isolated from the menu that appears. Restart your computer and then close the Print Management interface.
  • Try printing once again when the computer has restarted to see whether the issue got resolved. If not, you might need to delete and then reinstall the drivers for your printer.

Final Thought

To sum up, we hope that by following our step-by-step recommendations, you were able to resolve the “Printtool is trying to modify the printer settings” issue. Here are some more pointers on how to avoid making the same mistake again. Regularly downloading updates is an excellent way to keep your software current.

These updates may be found in the “Software Update” section of the System Preferences menu for Apple users. You should also make a backup of your computer and refrain from installing third-party apps unless a reputable source recommends it. These easy suggestions should help you avoid any printing problems. We are hopeful that this article has assisted you in resolving the Printtool attempt to adjust the printer settings issue.

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