Chatting with a person from this generation involves countless acronyms and slang words. Being up-to-date is essential to carry on the conversation without being stuck. So what does “IGS” means in texting? 

It is just one among the thousands of acronyms. 

Fret not; we will turn you into an absolute gen z today. 

We have carefully filtered out the most commonly used acronyms in texting and provided them below with the meaning and examples (so you understand better). 

Let us get right in and start learning. 

  • IGS 

It stands for “I guess so.” You say this when you are not entirely sure about something, but at the same time, you are also not wholly uncertain. 

Ex- Sam: Hey, do you think you will pass the test? 

    Monica: I guess so! 

  • ROFL 

This acronym stands for “rolling on the floor laughing.” You use this when something is hilarious and cannot control your laughter. 

Ex- Sam: How is Kevin Hart’s show going on? 

    Monica: ROFL, he is hilarious! You should’ve tagged along. 

  • LMK

It stands for “let me know.” 

Ex- Sam: Bro, the math assignment is draining me! 

   Monica: LMK if you need a hand. I have completed mine. 

  • STFU 

Stands for “shut the f*** up.” You say this when you are annoyed or angry and want someone to do nothing but shut up. A more emphasized way of telling someone to shut up. (However, you will get in trouble if you attempt to use this extremely informal phrase in a formal setting) 

Ex- Sam: your outfit is literally the worst piece of fit I’ve ever seen. 

   Monica: STFU. I love them! 

  • HBD 

HBD means “Happy Birthday.” 

Ex- Sam: Happy Birthday! Let’s hang out and have fun. 

   Monica: Thanks! Yeah, let’s slay! 

  • POV 

It stands for “point of view.” It is used widely all across the TikTok platform. People use this to express their own thoughts about a situation. It can help understand the situation better. 

Ex- Sam: what is the POV of this painting? 

   Monica: It is written on the back of the frame. 

  • LMAO 

Stands for “laughing my a** off.” It can be used when something is hilarious. 

Ex- Sam: Do you know what we call fake noodles? It’s “impasta.” 

   Monica: LMAO

  • NVM 

Stands for “never mind.” 

Ex- Sam: We cannot hang out today. I got more patients to deal with today. 

   Monica: NVM, Have a good time. 

  • JK 

It stands for “just kidding.” When you are joking around about something, you use this acronym. 

Ex- Sam: You failed the test!!! JK, you are at the top of the class. 

   Monica: I almost had a heart attack, thank god! 

  • JW 

JW stands for “Just wondering.” 

Ex- Sam: Did you get a boyfriend already? 

   Monica: Why are you interested in that? 

   Sam: JW 

  • TMI 

TMI means “too much information.” When a person is oversharing specific details, you use this term. Let us look at the example. 

Ex- Sam: Did you check her instagram feed? 

   Monica: yes, I did. Her whole feed is TMI. 

  • IRL 

This is widely used across social media. It means “In real life.” 

Ex- Sam: You know what influencers IRL are not much different from us. 

   Monica: that’s a fact. 

  • LOL 

You probably have seen it everywhere on the internet. LOL stands for “laughing out loud” or “lots of laughs.” Either way, it means something is funny. 

Ex- Sam: I just slipped over a banana peel, and now I can’t move my leg. 

   Monica: LOL 

  • SMH 

It stands for “shake my head.” You use this when you disapprove of something with frustration and annoyance. 

Ex- I can’t believe I got an F for Math. SMH

  • NGL 

NGL is “not gonna lie.” You use this when you say the truth and emphasize that it is accurate. 

Ex- Sam: NGL, but I’m a pretty good dancer. 

Monica: What? Really?? I didn’t know that. 

  • HMU 

Refers to “Hit me up.” You may use this when you want the other person to contact you. 

Ex- Sam: HMP when you are back to class 

    Monica: Sure. 

  • BC 

It refers to “because.” 

Ex- I am going to hang out today. Bc it’s Sunday! 

  • CYA 

It basically means “see you.” “See” has shrunk to “C” while “you has shrunk to” YA.” 

Ex- Sam: CYA, I am leaving for school. 

      Monica: Be safe. 

  • DM 

DM stands for “direct message.” On platforms like instagram and Twitter, the private messaging feature is known as a direct message. So when someone refers to dropping a message on such media, they use the term DM. 

Ex- Hi, I am selling my used PS5 for a cheap deal. DM me if you are interested in purchasing. (Someone could say this in his feed or stories) 

  • NBD 

NBD stands for “not a big deal” you can use this when something is not important enough to hang on to. 

Ex- Sam: I have gained weight again. 

      Monica: NBD, you still look very handsome. 

  • OMG 

OMG means “oh my god.” It can be used when you are excited, surprised, nervous, annoyed, etc. 

Ex- OMG, it’s on sale!! My favorite painting of all time is on sale!! 

  • YOLO 

Refers to “you only live once.” Teenagers today live by this phrase. It is used as a reminder or boost to dare to do things in life as you have only one life. 

Ex- Sam: I am afraid of heights. I can’t go skydiving with you. 

  Monica: YOLO. Let’s do it. 

  • TY / THX 

Ty stands for “thank you,” and THX stands for “thanks.” 

Ex- Sam: The lunch is on me. 

   Monica: TY/ THX 

  • TBH 

“To be honest” – you use this when you want to be blunt about something and raise your honest opinion. 

Ex – Sam: How was the movie last night? 

Monica: TBH, I was not too fond of it. It was boring. 


These text acronyms have made things much more manageable by saving time and energy. It can be challenging to catch up with if you are familiar with the short forms. However, once you get hold of the meaning and usage, it is a no-brainer to adopt! 

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