Have you ever found reasons for Why do Android phones hang too much? Let me explain answers for this as a mobile technician of experience for 22 years.

Android is a great operating system, but it can also be frustrating. If you’re using an Android phone, it’s hanging on occasion. And if your device hangs too often or doesn’t operate properly, it might be time to troubleshoot the situation yourself.


Bloatware is pre-installed software that you don’t need, and it can take up space, slow down your phone, and drain your battery. The best news is that you can remove bloatware without effort or cost.

If you’re interested in removing bloatware from your Android phone or tablet, go to Settings > Apps on any Android device running Marshmallow (or higher). You’ll see all of the apps installed by default—and if one has been updated since first installed on your device, then there will be an option next to it labeled “Uninstall.” Tap this option to remove any unnecessary apps from your system.

It is running at a low CPU frequency.

If your phone runs at a low CPU frequency, you’ll notice that it feels slow to use. Several factors can cause this, but the most normal culprits are:

  • Your processor runs too hot and needs to cool down (this happens when you’re playing games or doing heavy work).
  • Your phone’s OS needs to be optimized for your device’s hardware, which means apps can only partially utilize some of its resources.

Over-aggressive updated schedules

Your phone may need to update more aggressively.

If you notice a lot of hang time, your phone is likely doing its best to keep up with the latest and greatest software updates. If you need to figure out how often your device checks for updates, check out this guide on changing the update schedule on an Android phone. (Or if you want to turn off auto-updates altogether, we recommend checking out our list of apps that don’t require them.)

Installing many apps at once

If you install many apps at once, your phone may hang more often. As a general rule, it’s best to install only one app at a time and wait until the installation is complete before installing another. Hanging up will help avoid problems caused by multiple updates or installs in progress.

If you want to use an app store like Google Play or Apple’s App Store, make sure that you only use official sources for downloading apps onto your Android phone; otherwise, they could cause issues with your device (such as overheating). Also, be careful about what kind of third-party stores you download from—some may contain malware or malicious code that could harm your system if installed improperly!

Mainly because they need to be changed.

Companies create phones that can last a year or two, so when a particular time comes, it starts to hang. And remember, the apps you use are different every year or month. They get updated too. The outdated operating system of the phone and hardware needs to be optimized to run it flawlessly. And the company has to make a profit, so it will only provide updates after a specific time because it’s all about marketing strategy.

There are many reasons why Android hangs, but here are some ways to troubleshoot it yourself.

  • Use a task manager to shut down apps that are running in the background
  • Disable features that you don’t use, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Turn off automatic updates for your phone’s operating system (if possible)
  • Clean up your phone’s storage by deleting unnecessary files or apps from your memory
  • Check for malware

Conclusion of Why do Android phones hang too much

I’ve given you some insight into what causes a hang and how to troubleshoot it. Good luck!

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