The Amazon Blink Camera cannot live without its Blink Sync Module since it performs as the coordinator of the camera. So whatever issue in the module directly affects the overall function of your Blink Camera. One of the major queries from users is ‘why is my Blink Sync Module offline?’ If you are one of those who face this case, today we are here to clarify the causes behind it. In addition, we will discuss how you can fix it within a few minutes by yourself. So keep reading until the end!

What Does Sync Module Offline Mean on Blink? 

Blink Sync Module acts as the hub for Blink Camera, and you can check the connection and all other things on its app. Moreover, the module helps to increase the battery level of the camera. The Sync Module is a must when you start to utilize the camera. If your Blink Sync Module is offline, you are informed of it by a push notification on the Blink app. The notification will say the system is offline for 30 minutes. Basically, it indicates your Sync Module and Blink’s server has been disconnected. But the reason is not usually mentioned in the notification.

Why is My Blink Sync Module Offline? 

There are several causes for the Blink Sync Module offline, and those have been listed below.

  1. The most common cause is an unstable wi-fi internet connection. To keep the connection between the camera and the module, the module should function online. But when there is a physical or network issue with the router, the module goes offline.
  2. If you have set the router or hotspot to the incorrect frequency, this problem can arise. There are two frequencies as, 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz. You need to set the frequency at 2.4 GHz for the Blink Sync Module to work.
  3. If the firmware has been outdated, the Blink Sync Module faces some issues in its performance.
  4. You can connect more than 1 camera with one Blink Sync Module. But if there are too many network connections around the module, such as some other Bluetooth devices, the connection of the module is interfered.
  5. When there is an issue with the power unit of the home, the module finds it hard to keep the connection online. The power outlet, as well as the power cords, should not have faults.
  6. The maximum distance between the Blink Cameras and the module is 100 feet. If you have not kept those devices within 100 feet, the module cannot make the connection preciously, so it goes offline automatically.
  7. Sometimes there is a problem with the hardware itself that you cannot figure out. Then, the performance of the module gets lower, or it leaves the online mode.

Why is My Blink Sync Module Offline? [Step By Step]

How Do I Get My Blink Sync Module Online?

Adhere to one of the following methods to turn the online module mode.

  1. If there is a fault with your wi-fi connection, make it stable by rebooting your router. After the internet connection returns, reconnect the module. If there is a lack of signal for the sync module, move it closer to the router. If the signal is empowered with 3 bars, it will begin to perform again.
  2. Power cycling is another method to do the module online. In order to do that, the power cord must be unplugged. After 10 seconds, plug the cord again. If you can see solid green and blue lights on the module before exceeding 45 seconds, the module is working. If not, shift to another power supply.
  3. Check the distance between the module and the camera. If you have kept them over 100 feet away, change the position of either the module or the camera. Then the connection will be made again.
  4. Sometimes you will have to minimize the number of devices that are connected to the same router. Then the module will be able to maintain a stable connection with the router.
  5. Make changes to the frequency level if you have set it incorrectly. The compatible frequency level is 2.4 GHz for Blink Cameras.

In case you were unable to reconnect the module, contact a technician to check whether there is a problem with any of your hardware. And make sure to keep in touch with the Blink application to know any updates on the devices.

Why is My Sync Module Not Working? 

  • If you try to use an incorrect password, the module cannot identify its network. Check the label of the router to see a printed password. If you have already tried it, connect some other device to the network. If it works, disconnect the device for a while. Then type the password again to reconnect.
  • When the router itself blocks access, the sync module does not work. The name of the device should be familiar to the network for access. Sometimes, the network identifies the Blink name using its radio chip as well, despite the Blink product name.
  • If your firmware is still in the older version, a problem might have arisen in connection. Special characters are not used in new versions, so the SSID and password should be changed in old versions.
  • When the VPN is on, you need to disable it because you cannot continue the procedure when it is on.

How Do I Reset a Sync Module? 

If all the methods did not work, you would have to reset the sync module. But remember, when you reset it, the device goes back to its setup mode. So, to make the connection again, you should set the camera up with the sync module.

You can follow these simple instructions when you want to reset the module.

  1. First, find the reset button on the module. It is located at the backside of the device.
  2. After that, take a tiny non-metallic gadget and keep pressing the button for only 5 seconds. Do not use anything sharp or big to press it because the button will be damaged.
  3. Then a red light will appear on the module. Wait for another 15 seconds until the light changes its color to green.

Now the sync module has been reset successfully, so you can connect it to the camera system again.

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