Dear tech lover, are you lost in severe doubt after buying a brand-new Switch? Yes, I know your troubling question; you are wondering whether you can use your Switch while charging. Can you play Switch while charging? This doubt is a common question that many Switch owners have in their heads. Maybe some people are deciding to buy a brand-new Switch, but they are on the wall of buying it or not. They wonder whether they can play the Switch while charging it. This charging problem is further heightened because most people play Switch mostly at night, so charging is essential at that hour of the day.

No worries. This question has been playing around and causing unnecessary fear in the minds of many Switch owners and gamers. Intensifying the false beliefs related to Switches, and even worse, thoughts are spreading and flying around society on whether it is possible to play while the console is charging.

In this article, we will walk you through many answers to FAQs regarding this issue. Imagine it’s fallen dark right now, and you are deeply involved in a Switch session. Unfortunately, a low battery notification pops up on your screen. So, can you play Switch while charging? Please plug the device into the charger and play the rest of the game. Let’s find the correct answers!

Can You Play Switch While Charging?

Yes, now we have come to the exact point. The most obvious answer is it is 100% safe to play Switch while charging. The most excellent part is that every Switch is designed to enable players to use it while charging. So that means you don’t have to worry about damaging the console when playing the Switch while it is recharging. But most importantly, there are some crucial points to consider.

You must ensure you do not hit the cord plugged into the USB port while playing. There is also another problem. It will help if you exercise your patience. Remember that the Switch console usually charges slower than it usually does while you play.

What are the Things to Consider When Using the Handheld Mode?

The real issue is that playing while charging also influences your game performance. This issue causes because the Switch consumes more power when in handheld mode. Playing in the handheld mode consumes more energy than in the docked way. So a player playing in the handheld mode will notice performance issues like frame rate dips while playing.

You will also observe two more things happening while playing in the handheld mode while charging. A player might feel warmer than usual, or else he might hear the sound of the internal fan. Game players need not worry about these things because they are pretty standard.

Here is what you should follow if you play on the handheld most. Just plug the charging cable into the console of the Switch. You may notice a notification popping up in the top left corner of the screen. This notification indicates that the console is charging correctly and shows the remaining battery percentage. An icon resembling a lightning bolt will also appear in the top right of the home screen of the Switch.

This icon will eventually disappear when the Switch is fully charged. Most players find the handheld mode annoying as they can rest their hands on something comfortable while playing.

What are the Things to Consider When Using the Docked Mode?

The other method is using the docked mode to play the Switch while charging. This method is ideal because it allows the Switch to perform at its best without damaging the battery life. So, if a player is utilizing the built-in battery of the Switch, this action will influence the life span of your battery.

The most important fact that all players should understand well is that the Switch battery is not manufactured to use while it is charging. Your battery will expire quickly if you constantly play the Switch while recharging it. However, using the Switch AC adapter could also be minimized. Playing for small hours while the Switch is charging can also reduce this problem.

Here is what you should follow while playing Switch in docked mode. After you position the Switch correctly inside the dock, the charging process will automatically commence. This method only automatically works if you have already pugged in your dock. If not, firstly, you should plug in your port to power.

If the Switch console indicates it has reached a 100% battery level during the charging process, these things will occur. The Switch will drain out power from the power supply of the dock rather than drawing power directly from the internal battery of the Switch. This condition also happens if the Switch has been fully charged when placed on the pier.

Will you Cause Any Damage to the Switch If you Play While Charging?

Now you have a clear answer: can you play Switch while charging? As I said, you can play a Switch while charging; there is no reason to worry. But, you must be cautious while doing this action. However, playing the Switch while recharging will not cause severe damage to consider the following instructions. The intensity of this damage will entirely depend on factors like the Switch’s battery type and playtime.

In most cases, only minor damages will happen. Some gamers believe playing for extended periods while charging will reduce the battery’s lifespan. So, it is always better to unplug the Switch if you feel warmer while playing with it when it is recharged.

All in a Nutshell

So, can you play Switch while charging? Yes. Some experiments have found that the Switch recharges more efficiently when played than when left isolated. So we recommend yielding the best results using a high-quality AC adapter and cable.  

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