Wireless charging is incredibly handy and is becoming quicker with age. It could be more flawless, though, and you could occasionally encounter complex issues. Samsung wireless chargers are renowned for their mobility and quick-filling capabilities. Even so, the outlet frequently malfunctions and blinks yellow, a common complaint among consumers. So, why is my Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow? Let’s find out.

What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is available in a wide range of cellphone chargers. A cordless charger frequently consists of a depot or pouch devoid of unsightly cords and encourages us to set a suitable recharging gadget down on it to start charging it. Provided that they contain the necessary inner part and technology, the device is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It’s an extremely straightforward billing technique that has grown in use in the latest days.

The mechanism behind wireless charging is electromagnetic induction, which moves power from the power adapter to a collector on the rear of the device. The device’s reception coil turns an opposing magnetic wave produced by the charger’s magnetic core again into energy before being delivered into the cell.

However, a certain inclination is often not required; they must usually be near to one another and properly aligned above one another.

Why is My Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Yellow?

There are many colour codes and warning signals in a Samsung wireless charger which warn you when something goes sideways. So, why is my Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow? A lot of the time, whenever the Samsung wireless charger blinks yellow, it means that the adapter is in failure status. The device’s power is turned down, and often restarting it will correct the situation. You may restore a terminate status by disconnecting the adapter from the socket, spending approximately five minutes, and then reinserting it. If your cell isn’t fully filled, you’ll probably notice the yellow light blinking.

What are the Reasons for Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Yellow?

There are many reasons why your charging doc is blinking yellow, all linked to insufficient power input.

Broken Socket, Pad, or USB Cable

Your charging flashing yellow suggests that the connection has been harmed in a certain way. If you possess children or pets, you must check for signs that any of the cord’s terminals were damaged. Otherwise, you should carefully check both extremities of the wire to make sure the wire is still not yanked from either the connector end of the recharging station end.

Additionally, make sure that the wires are fully inserted into the wall outlet and the recharging station. This tiny bit makes the yellow light begin to blink.

Cord, Socket, or Pad Incompatibility

Often, using an Adaptor or block that isn’t compatible with the device can cause the wireless charger to glow yellow. You should make sure that your connections, sockets, and pads work with Samsung electronics. Change each power supply element as part of a short discovery process if you notice the yellow indicator flashing since this is among the most prevalent reason for the wireless charger flickering.

Faulty Power Plug

Utilizing fine tune is crucial if you’re having trouble utilizing the duo adapter. Individuals whose problems were mostly brought on by utilizing a single wireless charging connector for a pair of cordless charging pads recently came to our attention. In essence, this amounted to attempting to run two devices with just one energy, making the yellow light begin strobe. This was nearly immediately resolved using the proper adaptor.

Consider purchasing an adaptor that provides two amperes or more if you’re only using one wireless charging pad and are experiencing this problem. If the connector you possess begins to have problems, you could try a fresh one as it worsens with age. However, worse power sockets are always at blame when the Samsung wireless charger starts to glow yellow.

How to Repair a Flashing Yellow Samsung Wireless Charger?

After reading about the possible reasons, let’s attempt the various tools to resolve this problem.

Verify for Destruction

The major cause of your adapter flashing yellow in certain cases may be a broken connector or one of its attachments. So, to inspect for any indications of damage, we encourage you to thoroughly inspect the connecting cord, device, and power socket. You may wish to upgrade to a new charging station or attachments if you see obvious signs of abuse.

Reconnect the Charger After Detaching It

You might try unplugging and replugging the device from the electrical outlet as an efficient diagnostic technique. This technique enables a rapid reboot and could assist in resolving problems with the charging station.

We advise you to spend a few moments after unplugging the device before replugging it to check if it still functions. You can continue with the following remedies if the problem doesn’t disappear.

Detach the Phone Cover

Several gadgets, including those with phone covers, can be charged wirelessly. However, occasionally your connection may be restricted by thick or hefty silicone phone covers.

Remove your cases and see if the problem persists. Reposition your device to the power adapter. If this approach is successful, you might consider moving to a charger-compatible cellphone cover.

Utilize a Powerful Charging Brick

A faulty power socket may be the primary cause of the device’s yellow flashing lights. Change to a solid power adapter if the problem persists.

We advise you to try purchasing a connector that produces power with at least three amperes or more. In order to prevent connectivity concerns, please ensure you purchase a charging brick that has been certified by Samsung.

Use Compatible Appliances

Consider substituting the cord or electricity adapter if you think you may have an incorrect one to determine whether it resolves the problems.

Take care to purchase dependable plugs, cords, and devices exclusively from trusted merchants. You may also get in touch with Samsung customer service for a database of enabled devices.

Turn off NFC

Even though NFC technology is renowned for its effectiveness, it might pose problems when your gadget is charging. So, turning off the feature is the wisest course of action. 


So, why is my Samsung wireless charger blinking yellow? Numerous factors, such as bad electrical plugs and wires, might trigger issues. The yellow flashlight means the wireless charger cannot charge your device due to a lack of power. Try compatible accessories to solve the issue.

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