What phone cases fit iPhone XR? There are many various phone cases in quality and design available in phone accessory stores and on Amazon.

iPhone XR is one of the best iPhone models I have come across. It is long-lasting, sturdy and really a fantastic model.

Choosing the best phone case for your model will protect your phone from drops and scratches. It will also spice up your phone’s appearance and make it look classier!
Phone cases that have a hard exterior may be harder to take on and off, but they will protect your phone well from scratches and drops. While on the other hand, softer covers from silicone or rubber are easier to take on and off but will not be so effective in protecting your phone.What Phone Cases Fit iPhone XR? The Best iPhone XR Cases for 2023

It’s better to use a case with a screen protector for added protection from scratches.
You will not be able to use any other iPhone case with iPhone XR. Even if the sizes of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are roughly the same, the camera cutouts at the back are different.

So phone cases that fit iPhone XR but be made specifically meant for that phone.

What Phone Cases Fit iPhone XR? The Best iPhone XR phone cases!

1. Mous Limitless 2.0

This is one of the best iPhone XR cases money can buy. It’s not very fancy and colorful but looks extremely stylish.
These phone cover series are made from a range of materials, from real shells to leather and bamboo.
They are also designed with air-cushion technologies that aim to protect the phone from impact. The only downside is that it is comparatively more costly than other covers.

2. The Otterbox Defender Series

The case is made of plastic and has a hard-shell exterior cover. It is very tough and scratch resistant. If protection is your priority, then the Otterbox covers are the ones for you.
The Otterbox phone covers are quite expensive and make the phone a bit bulkier.
This phone case is really worth it despite its cost and bulkiness. It features a complex lock-together system of assembly that work well to protect your iPhone safely.

3. Speck Candy Shell

What Phone Cases Fit iPhone XR? The Best iPhone XR Cases for 2023This iPhone XR phone case is not as tough as the Otterbox one, but it does have some stylish designs. It’s pretty and lightweight.
The iPhone XR phone cover series is made of durable polycarbonate and comes with many different designs. A cover like this will make sure your phone does not get overlooked because it is outdated.

4. Olixar ArmaRing

What I like about this iPhone XR phone case is that it comes with a pop-socket type ring at the back which you can use as a kickstand or to slip your finger into and prevent it from slipping.

5. Apple iPhone XR clear case

The clear case is commendable for many reasons. It prevents slipping, lends you a good grip, as well as being a good shock absorber. Some would really prefer the clear caseWhat Phone Cases Fit iPhone XR? The Best iPhone XR Cases for 2023 because they don’t want anything fancy to overcome the inherent style of the iPhone itself.
Because this iPhone case is very simple, it does not mean that it comes cheap. In fact, the clear case is much more expensive than other cases on the list.
Many may worry that this case might turn yellow over time. But in my experience, it never has and is very durable.

What Phone Cases Fit iPhone XR? Conclusion

There are many iPhone XR cases in the market that fit iPhone XR. A quick search on Amazon will bring you the best ones. I have listed some of my recommendations above. If you are looking for the best possible iPhone XR phone cover, I would highly recommend the Mous Limitless 2.0.

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