Gamers, as well as streamers, equally use Discord as a platform to connect with one another on a regular basis. But enabling it to function properly on a separate monitor is a problem, yet it’s a terrific means of remaining connected. Multitasking is greatly facilitated, and messages are kept from being lost there in the bustle when Discord is active on two displays. We would walk readers through the process of ‘how to get Discord to open on second monitor’ so that they’re able to get the most out of their console.

Could Discord Be Utilized with an Additional Monitor?

It is conceivable, yes. If the desktop is equipped with multiple displays, you may choose to launch Discord just on the display adapter in order to arrange and open several windows on your gadget.

Unless you want constantly maintain a count of all the activity on your desktop, a double or triple monitor setup is useful. It’s possible that you’d like Discord to operate on one display while you use the other for personal tasks and are reluctant to keep everything open on the same screen.

How to Get Discord to Open on Second Monitor? [Step By Step]

Despite your motivation, there is a simple solution to launch Discord on the display adapter.

How to Get Discord to Open on Second Monitor?

Create a double display, and Discord will load on the display adapter. That the very first approach is to put up a two-monitor arrangement, position Discord here on a suitable platform, and then organize your panels.

Moving the Discord screen towards the appropriate screen, saving its location here on the pane, and shutting down any active Discord programs are other tricks. Discord would then launch on the display adapter in the predetermined position and size.

It’s As Easy as Dragging and Dropping

The Discord screen can be focused by clicking on the main screen.

Then, dump it off thereafter, dragging it there.

Methods for Restoring and Moving

For a look at the Miniature Sample, float your cursor over the Discord logo while it is open in Windows 10.

To select Restore, right-click your image and then tap.

Choose Move from the context menu when you right-click on the rebuilt window unit.

The navigation keys can be used to move the panel to the desired angle on the selected display.

The Most Simple Shortcut

To jump across the screen immediately in the corresponding direction, press the “Win + Shift + Enter” commands.

To Acquire Discord to Play on a Display Adapter, Simply Follow the Procedures Listed Below

Drag the monitor using the mouse by moving it to the main screen of the Discord panel and bringing it into focus.

Move the Discord session to the bigger screen, or employ the mouse to linger over the Discord symbol in the toolbar until the Miniature Preview appears.

Click with the right mouse button and then choose “Restore.”

Right-click your display panel and select “Move” from the menu.

The Discord panel can be positioned where you want it by using the arrows to transfer it to the bigger screen.

You could use a windowed style to play Discord with a smaller window instead of using full-screen mode.

To remember the dimensions and positioning of the current window, hit “Win + Shift + Enter” on the keypad.

Close Discord from the taskbar to end the session.

Stop all of the Discord processes that are now active in the process by going to Task Management.

Reopen Discord; this should appear on the touchscreen this time.

Which Distinctive Characteristics Come with Using Discord on a Display Adapter?

Gamers now have a fantastic tool for cooperation and interaction thanks to the arrival of Discord as the display adapter. Now, players may communicate with personal friends, exchange ideas, and even participate in team games. Yet, there are several benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Discord as the display adapter that should be considered before deciding to use it for gameplay.


Enhanced Output

Having several windows open at once can increase productivity for some people.

More Convenient Access Controls

On the main monitor, hiding the dialogue box behind many other windows might make it challenging to refer back to the point that was stated in a discussion. You can quickly see every communication sent since your last login when Discord is displayed independently of your display.

Lessened Eye Fatigue

Eye fatigue may develop over time if you partition your display across many programs.

Enhanced Capability

The performance difference between Discord and certain other applications won’t be noticeable if you install it on a different panel and keep it operating in the backdrop.

Notifications with Images

The panel wherein Discord is open will show any messages that are sent to any Discord server.


Using a second display while working can increase productivity significantly. But, running Discord on such a display adapter could have certain drawbacks.

You might continuously bounce among windows when you’re engaged on a paper or task that requires you to communicate with a different person via Discord. This may cause disruptions and lower production.

Also, it can be challenging to keep the pace of every one of your Discord discussions if you have several occurring at once. Uncertainty and annoyance may result as a result.

The specific requirements and tastes will ultimately determine the extent to which employing Discord on a display adapter is ideal for you.

Does Discord Only Offer Content Pertaining to Video Games?

The software can be used without playing or even talking about video games. Nearly any subject is addressed on Discord, albeit games, entertainment, animation, and humor are among the most prevalent.

In particular, the software allows for direct communication between individuals and organizations, much like WhatsApp, Skype, as well as other chat apps.


Finally, setting up Discord to show on a suitable platform is a simple procedure that only needs to be followed a few times. You may easily watch Discord on a bigger screen for better productivity by attaching your additional monitor, adjusting your display preferences, running Discord using your second display, and storing your settings.

If You’re Having Trouble Getting Discord to Remember to Open on a Monitor that is not the Default, Here is the Workaround.

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