As earbuds are now an essential part of everybody’s life, people prefer to take them along everywhere they go; a great company indeed. But is it possible to take them along when going for a swim, to the shower, or maybe even in the rain? Are Skullcandy earbuds waterproof? Can they be used under such conditions without being prone to any damage?

That is a substantial uncertain question among many people. 

Hence, we will provide you with a certain answer in this article. 

We will explain in detail the waterproof properties of each Skullcandy earbud. 

So if you are a hesitant Skullcandy earbud user or someone looking to purchase one, you are the one! Hold on and keep reading. 

You will get all the answers to all your related questions regarding the matter. 

Are Skullcandy Earbuds Waterproof? 

Before we answer that, let me clarify the difference between being “water proof” and “water resistant”. People tend to confuse the two terms and misinterpret them often. 

Being waterproof means that the earbuds are immune to water. Water can do nothing to them. They can be freely used in water without the risk of getting damaged. 

Being water resistant does not mean the same thing. Water resistance refers to being partially or less than partially proof in water. 

If an earbud is water resistant, that means it can protect the buds against water up to a limited extent. 

If the restricted limit is crossed, they can become permanently damaged. 

Now that you are clear with the terms let us get back to the primary question. 

Are Skullcandy Earbuds Waterproof? 

As for now, only push wireless earbuds of Skullcandy are certified to be waterproof. The wireless push earbuds have an IP67 rating. The rest of the Skullcandy earbuds are certified to be water-resistant. 

We will help you figure out each model’s waterproof/water-resistant property separately.

Let us individually learn the anti-water property of each model below. Focus on!

  • Jib True Wireless earbuds come with an IPX4 rating. It is both water and sweat-resistant. The earbuds can withstand sweat to some extent (yes, you may use them when working out). And it can handle water splashes (but of course, you cannot submerge them in water as they are not waterproof) 
  • Skullcandy Indy EVO earbuds have a triple action. They are rated IPX5, and they can actively protect the buds from sweat, water and dust. The nozzles of the earbuds are designed in such a way that they can resist any debris and liquid particles from the external environment. But again, to remind you, they are not entirely resistant to any of them. They have high resistance towards them. 
  • Grind Fuel True Wireless earbuds rated IP55 are water and sweat-resistant. They can handle sweat and water splashes from any direction up to some extent. 
  • Sesh Evo earbuds are dust and water-resistant. They are rated IP55. 
  • Skullcandy’s Indy ANC Noise Cancelling earbuds can also resist water and sweat. They have an IPX rating of 4. 
  • Another type of IPX4-rated earbuds is Dime True Wireless. They are also water and sweat-resistant. 
  • Push Ultra True Wireless earbuds are rated IP67 and are water- and sweatproof. They can be used in water with no potential concerns. You can submerge them in water up to 3.2 feet for around 30 minutes with no intervals. They are also entirely sweatproof. They can withstand and resist any level of sweat. 

What Happens If Skullcandy Earbuds Become Wet? 

Unless it is a Push Ultra Wireless earbud with an IP67 rating, it will raise concerns. 

If it is an IP67 push ultra-ear bud, there is nothing to worry about since they are waterproof. (They are designed for it) 

But what if the earbuds are not Ip67 rated?

In such cases, it is going to be pretty concerning.

Since all the other available Skullcandy earbuds are water resistant, fret not if it is a very tiny amount of water or any other liquid. 

If the earbuds are wet, quickly pat them dry with a microfiber towel (it will help absorb most of the liquid particles). Ensure you have disconnected it from the Bluetooth first before doing anything. 

Blow the earbuds to get rid of excess liquid particles that are stagnant. Use a cotton bud to wipe in and around. Inspect the inner area. 

If water has penetrated in and in case if you fail to get it out, the earbuds may become damaged. 

If you wipe the earbuds well and water cannot go all the way into the device, there will be no issues. 

On the contrary, if it did, you will have to replace the earbud since it can land on permanent damage. 

Can I Shower with Skullcandy Earbuds? 

If you are using Push Ultra Wireless IP67 earbuds, you can shower with them.

But if it is not, you cannot shower with earbuds on as it can damage the devices. 

Even when using IP67-rated earbuds, ensure you stay within the operating limit of the device (which is 3.2 feet for up to 30 minutes). 

If you cross the operating range, the device can become damaged. 

Moreover, the products you use in the shower can also affect the earbuds. (Such as shampoo, wash gel, soap and etc.). Be careful when you are using them. 

Always be on the lookout for the operating range of your earbuds. If you do not exceed the limitations, there is nothing to worry about. 

Can I Work Out with Skullcandy Earbuds? 

Yes, you can! 

Since all Skullcandy earbuds are resistant/ proof to water, there is no issue in using them when working out or during any other activity where you will sweat a lot. 

However, pat the earbuds dry after the activity to prolong the durability and device performance. 


Skullcandy’s Push Ultra Wireless earbuds, rated IP67, are entirely water and sweatproof. The other models of Skullcandy are either water and sweat-resistant or dust and sweat resistant. All the earbuds have different operating ranges. As long as the user abides, there will be no negative concerns. 

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