Are you a new music composer who has been using tiktok as your media to get in touch with your fanbase? Then indeed, you must have hesitated with the question, are tiktok videos copyrighted when you are doubted with the ability to use your work by another party without your permission. Let’s clarify the facts regarding your issue.

Tiktok was created by the Chinese company named ByteDance in 2016 and started hitting the jackpot after the lockdown due to COVID-19 and is now worth over $ 350 billion. This social media platform is basically a short video-creating app that allows the creators to upload and share via their accounts.

The videos may continue from 15 seconds until 10 minutes, and the classifications include jokes, pranks, dance, lip-syncing, tutorials, satisfying videos, etc. There is a special benefit for verified account holders for creating videos of more than 15 minutes. This free app pays the users starting from 1500 followers. It is stated in Forbes that a tiktoker could earn $100 000 or more for a brand-sponsored video. 

Are Tiktok Videos Copyrighted?

As per your knowledge now you know that tiktok is a way of earning that is famous mostly among the young generation. You are paid per the views on tiktok for your videos and the number of followers. Sponsorship and ads are a method of earning more than the income given by the views and followers. 

With its popularity as an income-gaining site, many choreographers, music composers, small business owners, and artists use their tiktok accounts to upload work done by them in order to create a fan base and customer base. Are tiktok videos copyrighted is an important area that every tiktoker must have knowledge about. 

What is Copyright Law?

This is the law established and acting from 1st January 1978 for the protection and the ownership of work done on any kind of platform. The law offers ownership to the creator for his lifetime and even 70 years after that. 

You will be quite delighted to find that tiktok videos go under this law states. In the US copywriting law, a creator is allowed to reproduce copies of the previous work, perform derivative functions based on the original work, and distribute copies or phone records for money. It is also allowed that only the owner can sell the work or change ownership. 

Simply this means that every tiktok video is protected by the copyright law of 1978. This stands for the controlling ability of content to the user and protects their unique works from illegal practices. 

You may have a question now regarding the sounds and tracks that the app provides the users to create videos. Tiktok company has got permission from the companies which it owns. This allows tiktok to use the music of those companies and the composer’s work who are operating under those big brands.

The tiktok company has taken steps to control the unauthorized uses of original works under their rules and regulations. But there are still holes in this arrangement, making others use your content in their videos. Therefore, it is better to notify the viewers that the content is copyrighted under your name, and illegal and non-permitted extraction is strictly prohibited. 

Why Should you Follow the Copyright Policy in Tiktok?

The use of content that has been copyrighted in your videos without the permission of the owner is a violation of the tiktok rules and regulations. Tiktok states on its official website that any kind of content that breaches the copyright policy requirements will be removed. If this happens several times, there is a high chance that your account will be suspended. 

Tiktok company possesses the right to ban you from tiktok in case of any rule terminations. If this happens, you will not be able to create even a new account on the tiktok app. 

Tiktok supplies you with third-party information when you file a complaint against the breaching of your copyright ownership by somebody else and allows you to solve the problem by contacting the third-party user. They have provided their customers with an online form to complete regarding the violation, and you must complete it with the right and truthful information. Your request will be denied if the data you provided has a mismatch. 

It is also thoroughly noted on their website that filing a misleading or false complaint in your report may result in liability for the damages under the US digital copyright act.

When the report completes all these aspects, you will be contacted from the headquarters of tiktok regarding clarify more on the issue. Then you will be provided with the information of the person who violated your authorization to solve the problem.

How to Check the Copyright Status of a Video Before Posting It on Tiktok?

When you have uploaded a new video, turn the on-off switch on the video to do a copyright check. If there are no issues displayed, it is ready for upload. If your video is detected with a copyright issue, you can replace the music you used in the video from one of the tracks available in tiktok’s provided collection. 

In short, if you are uploading a video to your account, it should only be a self-created one, or else if you are using any music out of TikTok’s library, you must take the necessary steps to get permission from the owner or the author. 

Can I Use Someone’s Tiktok Video?

Tiktok has built up its policies regarding the copyright factor and does not allow any uploading or distribution of videos that go against its policies of authorization. If these regulations are breached several times, your account will be suspended.


Copyright law is established to protect the rights of the actual owner of a video, prohibiting the illegal and unauthorized extractions of their works. Tiktok also provided rules regarding the owner’s rights, and if you go through the above passages, you will find the reasons to follow the law and how to maintain copyright-free content in your account.

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