The direct answer to this question is that it takes about an hour to replace a battery in an Apple iPhone at the Apple Store. However, this time differs from the exact time spent replacing a battery in every Apple iPhone. Due to reasons like extra repair, diagnostics and software installations, this time can differ. So, How Long Does Apple Battery Replacement Take? It includes the time it takes for a technician to assess the device and install the new battery. 

How Long Does Apple Battery Replacement Take?

The best remedy or action is to call ahead and arrange an appointment to ensure you can obtain a battery replacement at the Apple Store and verify whether the necessary time slot is available because the time allotted for battery replacement needs to be clarified owing to the reasons mentioned above.

Why Should Battery Be Replaced?

It might be a challenging but worthwhile investment to replace the battery in an Apple smartphone. It may be very cost-effective to replace the battery if there are clear indications that it is losing power quickly or not holding a charge as long as it once did.

How Long Does Apple Battery Replacement Take in the Apple Store?

Before contacting a technician at the Apple Store, it is wise to check the Health of your battery to verify that it needs replacing. When you take your iPhone to the Apple Store for a new battery, they frequently promise to replace it in a day. 

Most Apple Store locations are set up for same-day service, and Apple’s battery replacement service is often prompt and effective.

You can use Apple Diagnostics or the System Information app to examine the condition of your phone’s battery. However, a prior appointment is required. A technician will examine your gadget during your consultation and swap out the battery. They will also ensure that the display is working correctly and that the device is in good condition. Your smartphone will be in like-new condition when you depart after an hour-long process.

How Long Does Apple Battery Replacement Take if I Visit An Apple Store?

Once you arrive, you can talk to an Apple expert about having a battery replacement. You should be aware that while Apple Stores do provide battery replacement services, they do not provide complimentary battery replacements. The repair could take up to 5 business days, depending on the product, the type of repair, and the accessibility of replacement components. Bring your smartphone, Apple ID, and a legitimate form of identification to the Apple Store to begin the process.

Things to be Understood Before Replacing an Apple Battery?

  1. Moreover, depending on the kind of service required, you might need to leave the gadget with them.  
  2. The new Apple battery has a one-year warranty and should last several years.
  3. Battery replacement may not be essential if the battery still survives a long period and the device’s performance is unaffected.
  4. You might have to pay more for an Apple battery replacement than at a local repair shop.
  5. Everything depends on the specific gadget and circumstance.
  6. The price to replace a battery can change depending on your iPhone type.
  7. When an iPhone battery reaches 80% of its capacity, it is advised to replace it because its performance declines noticeably.

What is the Percentage of a Battery Replacement?

Even if the battery level is above 80%, Apple advises replacing your battery as soon as possible if your iPhone abruptly shuts down.

  1. The ‘Settings’ app’s ‘Battery’ option can be tapped to view the battery life of your iPhone.
  2. Then select “Battery Health,” which shows your battery’s maximum capacity and peak performance and when there is a replacement requirement.

Additionally, you can check the following to ensure that iOS is up to date on your iPhone because software updates frequently result in better battery performance.

General > Settings > Software Update

How Much Should I Spend To Replace A Battery in an iPhone?

Apple charges a flat rate of $49 plus any applicable taxes for out-of-warranty battery service. Apple also provides a battery replacement program for some iPhone models at a discounted price of $29 plus applicable taxes.

An out-of-warranty battery service through Apple costs between $49 and $69, including tax. Additionally, depending on the type of iPhone, a battery from Apple might cost between $49 and $129. Pricing from some independent merchants may be less expensive than Apple’s new battery price.


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