Facebook Stories are concise compilations of user-generated media that may only be seen twice before disappearing after 24 hours. It’s a cute little function to experiment with and is especially helpful while flying or going on a trip because it allows you to update your loved ones on your whereabouts. It completes the task and doesn’t last forever. But you might be wondering that can you see friends old stories on Facebook? And where can you see it? This article will help you answer all about Facebook stories.

Facebook Stories

Facebook stories include compacted collections of user-generated photos or videos that get occasionally put on a user’s page. The tales feature on Facebook was introduced on March 23, 2017. They get regarded as the second most popular feed for users of social media.

It emphasizes the Fb in-app camera, which allows users to add hilarious effects and Snapchat-like lenses to their videos and photos and visual location markers. The information may be sent as a private message to an acquaintance or made accessible to everyone for 24 hours on the Facebook app.

Using Facebook Stories 

It’s easy to add to your Facebook Story. However, the procedure varies slightly depending on whether you’re updating the Story from a desktop or the Facebook app. We’ll start with the Facebook app, as it’s the simplest method to add to your Story.

  • Tap “Add to Stories” at the top of your feed to add a new section to your Story.
  • Decide on the type of tale. You may touch to add a picture or a video from your smartphone or select Text, Selfie, Boomerang, Music, or Poll.
  • Make the last adjustments. Enhance your Story with text, stickers, effects, or drawings to make it uniquely yours. We’ll go into more depth about adding stickers and effects later in the guide.
  • To add a photo, short video, poll, or other content you’ve generated, select “Share to Story.”

Can You See Friends Old Stories On Facebook? – On Desktop

Are you trying to figure out how to see old Facebook stories on a desktop? Let’s examine each stage in further detail:

  • You must first get to your primary profile page from the Facebook Home Page by touching your profile picture.
  • Then choose the “More” menu box on the Profile Page.
  • Choose “Story Archive” from the list by tapping on it.
  • You would then get sent to the Story Archives area, where each Story would get displayed.
  • Thus, using the above-mentioned simple techniques makes it extremely simple to see old stories on a Facebook desktop.

How To See Your Old Facebook Story? – On Mobile

With the aid of the archived area, you may locate and see older stories on Facebook. The simple steps are listed below for you to follow:

  • First, click on your profile image on the Facebook Home Page to access your profile.
  • Click the three horizontal dots beneath the profile photo to access the profile settings.
  • Then choose “Archive” from the menu that appears.
  • To access the Story Archives tab, scroll to the right.
  • You may now view your previous works chronologically, from most recent to oldest.
  • By following the above simple and effective measures, we can guarantee that your confusion about how to see older Facebook articles will get cleared up.

How Do You See Your Friend’s Facebook Stories?

It is not difficult to see the stories of any of your pals published for the day. There is now a means to access the Facebook Messenger resource from the Chat with your friends, even while it does not show up at the top of the discussion list because you already saw it, hastily passed it, or detailed it and want to view it again.

This makes it, so you don’t miss anything your friends have said about their own day’s tale. For it:

  • Log into Facebook.
  • Visit your Facebook account’s “Home.”
  • Select “Messenger” from the right sidebar, or if using a smartphone, from the option above.
  • To see a friend’s Story again, you must enter his or her name in the search bar.
  • Tap or click on his name.
  • Write to or send anything to this person if you haven’t already started a conversation.
  • If the circle around the image is grey, the Story is one you have already seen.
  • A blue circle around the image indicates that your acquaintance has added a new publication to his tales.
  • If the Story has a grey outline, you may see it as often as you’d like within 24 hours of publication by clicking on the picture.

If you click on the picture and get sent to the author’s profile, it signifies that they have posted no recent stories.

Can you See Friends Old Stories on Facebook?

So, can you see friends old stories on Facebook? There is no option on Facebook to read friends’ tales, so if you want to, you can’t access your friend’s old narrative. However, you may visit your friend’s Facebook page to view older tales using the story highlight feature.

What is the Facebook Story Highlight?

Facebook users can select videos and images from previous stories to build a collection that will get shown on their profile pages using the story highlight feature.

Final Thought

We can sum up by saying that watching an old story is no longer a tough chore, whether you are using a desktop or a mobile device or unsure how to see old stories on Facebook. Facebook Stories effectively serve as an additional news stream. However, once your friend’s Facebook stories exceed the 24-hour limit, you cannot view their previous posts unless Facebook highlights get used. We hope that this information aids in your quest to learn your Story.

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