“Do Android phones need antivirus protection for their safety?” This question is frequently asked in the tech world in relation to smart devices. Here are some detailed facts about your Android smartphone. Unfortunately, malware developers currently see Android devices as an easy target. Because of that, Google has made Android more secure with each new version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system. But there is still a demand for third-party antivirus, which can help to protect your device. That’s why you need to know about your Android phone’s protection before downloading unknown apps.

Theory Behind Android and Antivirus

You already know that there are so many Android devices worldwide it is a target. So, online scammers and fraudsters are always making malware to get into the Android OS. Some of the worst malware can, without a doubt, ruin your phone.

The news about these threats is based on facts, but the real risks of picking up a piece of malware can magnify, and the term “malware” can be hard to define. Still this question “Do android phones need antivirus” was not answered completely.

History of Android and antivirus

Do android phones need antivirus protection: Best guide for 2023

According to a 2019 analysis by AV-Comparatives, the vast majority of Android antivirus applications fail to perform even the most basic of checks for dangerous activity in downloaded apps. Besides that, they employ allowlists and blocklists to identify programs, an ineffectual method that reduces them to advertising mediums with a few faux buttons. 

It’s shocking and sad, right? They can do this because real Android viruses that take control of your smartphone are less common than you might think. “Malware” can also include threats that aren’t as dangerous, like apps that steal personal information or show pop-up ads. Malware scanners won’t help apps that take advantage of how Android permissions work. It would help if you still stayed away from those.

Google Android has what security features?

Now you need to know about the possible android security features in your Android phone. Google is constantly making Android more secure, and with each new version, the company tells us about changes made behind the scenes. Google Play Protect is also included, built into Android devices with GMS and made by the same company. Also, the company puts out monthly security updates for Android devices intended to fix any problems that may arise.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect is the best built-in defense Android has against malware. Play Protect has a few different parts, like the Find My Device tools, but it mainly scans for malware. It first came out with Android 8.0 Oreo and is now built into every Android device with Google Play version 11 or later. Consider it an antivirus program already on your device if it has Google.

Play Protect is built through every Android device with the Google Play Store. You may have seen the message “No Harmful Apps Found” at the top of the Play Store’s apps and game modes management page. Play Protect assures that the Play Store apps you download are safe.

Play Protect could protect you not only when you use apps but also when you use Google Chrome. If you attempt to access a dangerous site, Chrome will give you a warning and redirect you just like it does on Chrome for desktop computers.

Security Updates

Similarly, Play Protect looks out for malware that tends to come with apps, and the monthly software upgrades fix any holes found in AOSP, SoCs, and the Linux kernel. At the same time, Google and other systems all release patches for bugs in their systems. Phone manufacturers are sending these patches to their users as smartphone updates.

The bad news is that not all Android smartphones get these upgrades on time or at all. Google issues new security updates every month. It is up to the company’s partners (such as Samsung and OnePlus) to approve the changes, add any of their own that they deem necessary, and then distribute the updated software to users’ devices.

Wrapping Up: Still, Do android phones need antivirus?

Do android phones need antivirus protection: Best guide for 2023

So far, we’ve talked about how Android protects itself against threats like malware, spyware, and other viruses. So, on Android, do you require an antivirus? Most people would say “no.”

Android’s built-in security will be enough if you have an Android phone that does come with Google services, only downloads apps from Google Play, and are careful about clicking on unknown links and suspicious opening emails. You don’t need to get an antivirus program from somewhere else.

Antivirus software for Android has come a long way, but even the best software from well-known companies will still use 3 to 8 % of your battery and other operating systems. So there’s no spot in installing something that won’t help you and using up necessary phone resources.

Bitdefender, Trend Micro, AVG, and Kaspersky are only a few of the antivirus software recommended by AV-Comparatives. This independent group assesses antivirus programs for various platforms. You should install only some antivirus from Google Play since most are useless.

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