ZTE zmax is a budget smartphone from 2014 which was released by ZTE. If you are familiar with this device, you can tell it will hang or freeze under frequent use. What can we do at that point? Soft or hard reset could help you in such situations. So how to reset ZTE zmax when frozen? Let’s find out.

What is ZTE Zmax?

ZTE zmax is a mobile phone from 2014 which came with android 4.4.2. It has a 5.7-inch TFT panel protected by a corning gorilla glass 3. It has a single rear-facing 8 MP camera which can shoot videos at 1080p @ 30 fps, and a 1.6 MP front-facing selfy camera which can shoot videos at 720p. The ZTE zmax was equipped with 2GB ram, a snapdragon 400 processor, and a 3400 mah non-removable battery; as we said, a perfect budget-friendly mobile phone back in the day.

What Can you do When ZTE Zmax is Frozen?

As you own one or look at the specs, you can conclude that this device could likely get stuck in day-to-day uses. You can get out of this situation with some techniques, such as leaving the phone for a while, a soft reset or a hard reset. So let’s talk about how to reset ZTE zmax when frozen.

What Exactly is a Soft Reset?

Restarting a gadget is known as a soft reset. By performing this, apps are closed, and any Random access memory data is cleared. Unsaved data that is now being used may disappear, but device information, including files and directories, will remain secure. Soft resets, which entail restarting the device, are used to fix programs that are not operating properly. Contrary to a hard reset, which clears all of your phone’s data, a soft reset just recovers your device.

What Exactly is a Hard Reset?

The act of returning a gadget to its factory default, which deletes all user information and any loaded programmes, is called a hard reset. You may hard reset the device in recovery mode if you never need the data on the mobile phone. By using this option, all of your data and personal details will be totally removed from your machine.

How to Reset ZTE Zmax When Frozen?

You may be able to choose between soft reset or hard reset when your ZTE zmax or any other mobile gets frozen. You can hard reset your device with the information below if you don’t need any of your data back and just need a perfectly working mobile phone. Or, if you just want to get rid of the hanging situation and your information is valuable, you may try hitting the soft reset option.

How to Soft Reset ZTE Zmax When Frozen?

  •  Press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys for seven seconds. Once the device vibrates, stop pressing the keys. Your smartphone will resume with the brand logo visible. 
  • Take the battery away from the smartphone if possible. Afterwards, following a brief delay, put the cell in the gadget and switch it on. It’s a pretty hard task for individuals like us since the ZTE zmax doesn’t have a removable battery, so you might need the tools and knowledge to pry into the device and manually disconnect the battery. Suppose you cannot disconnect the battery from the phone. You may try this next option.
  • Briefly press the Power key if you can select Turn off when the Power menu appears. You can easily restart your device using this method.
  • You can do this option if everything goes sideways, which is draining the battery of your device. Wait until the phone dies and recharge it. You may get out of the situation.

How to Hard Reset ZTE zmax When Frozen?

By doing a hard reset on your ZTE Zmax, you may lose all your personal data and return it to its default settings. Be cautious when doing it.

  • Switch the device off.
  • Hold the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously until the ZTE logo displays. Leave the Start button once you see the ZTE logo, but keep holding the other buttons for another few moments. Once the Recovery option system appears, release all the keys.
  • Use Volume Down to choose to Erase Everything / Factory Reset, then click the Power switch to activate your selection. Use the Volume Down key to choose Yes – Erase All User Information, then click the Power switch to proceed.
  • After cleaning, a restoration screen will show up. After that, restart the mobile by pressing the Power key on Reboot Device.

What Caused them to Cease Producing ZTE Smartphones?

ZTE was penalised in 2017 for breaking economic restrictions by illegally transferring American technology to North Korea and Iran. United States firms (semiconductor) were prohibited from supplying to ZTE for seven years by the U.S. Department of Commerce in 2018, following the industry’s failure to adequately discipline the affected workers.

Are ZTE and Nubia Similar?

Nubia Electronics, based in Shenzhen, is a Chinese smartphone brand. It was first founded in 2012 as an entirely owned subsidiary company ZTE. In 2015, it transformed into an independent manufacturer.

Is ZTE a Reliable Company?

Even if some of its current models are a little old-fashioned, ZTE nevertheless offers a number of excellent smartphones. Overall, there are many positive aspects of ZTE devices. They often feature unique designs and decent specifications and are far less expensive than the competitors.

Is it Bad to Reset your Device?

No, it isn’t. When you hard reset your smartphone, you are only wiping its data. Therefore, it is irrelevant how often you hard reset your device.

How Frequently Can your Device be Soft Reset?

Suggest rebooting your device at a minimum once every week to aid with data preservation and avoid problems. We guarantee that you didn’t lose anything in the three minutes it could take to restart.


In this article, you might be acknowledged how to reset ZTE zmax when frozen. You can easily soft reset your device without losing anything; in contrast, a hard reset might erase all your data in the process. Think twice before proceeding.

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