When did smartphones become popular? Before finding answers to this, let’s learn about the first smartphone. Intel made the smartphone chip in 1992. The chip was designed for the Simon Personal communicator. 

The phone had the following features: 

  • a 90 MHz processor, 
  • a 320 x 240 touch screen, 
  • a camera with a 0.2-megapixel resolution. 

HTC introduced its first smartphone in 2000, but it was neither a big hit nor a huge success. 

In 2001, the 250 MHz Pocket PC Phone Edition saw a massive increase in popularity. 

The introduction of Apple’s smartphone in 2007—complete with a 500 MHz processor and touchscreen—was the next significant advancement.

Now it is clear that smartphones came such popular in 20’s.

Reasons for the popularity

  • they could easily be used anywhere because they were portable devices instead of desktop computers.

  • can use while driving or walking around.

  • Easy way of communication.

  • they could connect you directly with friends who are far away from where you do.

  • Edge-to-edge displays of the first generation

Samsung Electronics introduced the first generation of edge-to-edge display smartphones in 2014. After that, the flagship models from several manufacturers now have curved screens, allowing for more screen space on the front of the phone.

  • Bezel-less smartphones (first generation)

Smartphones with no bezels, also called infinity display phones, have a sizable display area and a considerably smaller bezel. Reading, watching videos, and playing games on the phone are more immersive. This phone’s main feature is its screen, which gives users a clear view of their preferred content.

The first iteration of these phones, which were only available on expensive models like the Apple iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8, was released in 2017.

  • Android and google enter the picture.

Because Google purchased Android in 2005 for $50 million, the history of Google and Android are intertwined. This was a surprising move for Google, which had previously concentrated on developing software for PC users. How people interact with computers has changed significantly due to the invention of the iPhone and Android smartphones.

  • Artificial intelligence “AI” processors and software in Smartphones.

People who want an even better smartphone experience have been the focus of these phones’ design. Your phone will become brighter than ever thanks to the in-built AI processor, which will learn from you and provide personalized features and functionality that are made just for you.

The AI chips in phones enable them to carry out tasks locally without continuously sending data to the cloud. This indicates that it can complete tasks quickly without divulging your information to a third party.

Smartphones can use Chips for more than just speech recognition; for instance, they can aid in facial recognition or automatically change camera settings depending on the camera’s point.

  • Taking selfies became more popular than looking at photos of someone else’s

According to recent studies, the average person takes 20 to 30 selfies daily and spends at least 30 minutes browsing through their photos.

The popularity of selfies has also given rise to apps like Snap Chat that make it simple for users to edit their photos before sharing them with friends. Some researchers even inspired some individuals to refer to it as “the new narcissism.”

More about Smartphone

 In July 2002, the term “smartphone” was officially coined. The International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT) has been working on a system called Mobitex to enable people to send text messages over their existing mobile phones.

They decided that it would be easier for users to receive voice calls, so they created a new device called a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

This PDA could connect directly with another person’s phone via wireless technology instead of just sending and receiving SMS text messages via an operator. This was a significant land mar when finding details about When smartphones became popular?

Because most people already owned phones at this point—and because there were few other options available—the name stuck: “Smartphone” is just another way of saying “cellular telephone.

A decade after the Simon Personal Communicator entered the market, Apple introduced the iPhone.

The first smartphone with a touch screen and camera could also access GPS receivers and had a keyboard for text entry.

In 2007, there were about 1 billion mobile phones worldwide; by 2017, that number had grown to 2 billion. In addition to being far more affordable than computers or laptops at that time, smartphones offered many other benefits.

Conclusion of when did smartphones become popular?

The smartphone has become a staple in many people’s lives. It is a device that can use for calling, texting, emailing, and other social media use. With so many different models on the market today, choosing which type best suits your needs or budget can be challenging. I think the smart phones are such popular after 20’s due to its simplicity.

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